earthly seasons

today i am going to share with you a quick project i created..well quick minus the drying time that is

first i started with a 6×6 wood panel board and coated the whole thing with Art Anthology Stone Effects in Java..


i then added some Golden Crackle paste and set it aside for two days.   i wanted it to be good and dry before my next steps

layered Golden Paste

for my next step it was time to start layering on the colorations in a multitude of colours

IMG_4797IMG_4799IMG_4804now i had seen a really cool piece of art work somewhere where they added little gemstones to their piece of work and if i can find it i will definitely link it in here!!

i didn’t have gemstones but i do have a lot of those dewdrops from a few years ago so i dug some of them out and added them, in different sizes, throughout my piece


to finish my canvas off i add a bit, or a lot, of Art Anthology’s newest spray, Diamond!! love how it has just the right amount of sparkle!!

IMG_4849 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)

it reminds me of all the different colours/seasons we have in our little part of the world…sometimes in a span of a month even!!


inside job

inside job

Hello everyone!!

This past week, i was  part of a blog hop offering tonnes of inspiration between Art Anthology and Stampendous (http://www NULL.stampendous and thought i would share one of my projects here

i started out spraying various colorations onto my watercolour paper

IMG_4617 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)IMG_4619 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)






i sprayed and sprayed until i had some great pools of colour and then i blasted them with the heat gun.

IMG_4620 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)


my next step was to apply and all over sheen to my page using a brand new Art Anthology product , DIAMONDS!!!!

the light you see in the centre of this picture is the sheen from the spray!! isn’t it the freakin coolest. wait until you see another shot of it further down my posting!!!
close up of diamond spray (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)


now here is where Stampendous takes over.

today’s project i am using the Mixed Media Brush Strokes (http://www NULL.stampendous Rubber stamp set.

diamond in the sky (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)

aren’t the details in these stamps amazing!!
IMG_4637 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)IMG_4638 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)

IMG_4639 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)

now along with this stamp set comes a Free Template which allows  you to create a large or small splatter area. so out came my gesso and a blending tool and i was all set to create my splatters!!

IMG_4641 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)


i absolutely love where this was going

IMG_4642 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)now remember, this comes with all the pieces required to create this wonderful splat effect INCLUDING the mask portion which i put back in place in order to create just the smaller splats with out fear of edging into the bigger splat area

IMG_4646 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)now here is my page with all its splatters

IMG_4647 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)well all of its Stampendous splatters that is. now it is time to add those extra bits i mentioned above with my new Art Anthology Diamond spray!

for these splatters i just took the sprayer out of the bottle and flicked onto my page

diamond flecks (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)here though i squirted it which allowed a bigger droplet to come out onto my page. i am in LOVE

IMG_4685 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)now it was time to finish off my page.

i loved how this page made me feel… made me think a little deeper.

IMG_4794 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)

a reminder: to change the world all one has to do is change the way one feels inside.


garden fairies

creating a fairy garden

100 proof stampsHello everyone!! i am back today to announce the Team Artist Trading Block Blog Hop with 100 Proof Press (http://www NULL.100proofpress Design team. 
We are having a “Block” hop together this entire month to showcase Artist Trading Blocks and 100 Proof Press stamps (http://www NULL.100proofpress i sure hope you have been following along this month over at Team ATB and seen all the wonderful projects created this month.
(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)
I chose to use stamps:

cleaning fairy dancing (http://www NULL.100proofpress
cleaning fairy feather duster (http://www NULL.100proofpress
cleaning fairy mending (http://www NULL.100proofpress
mushroom clump (http://www NULL.100proofpress
cleaning fairy scrubbing (http://www NULL.100proofpress
fairies pointing on flowers (http://www NULL.100proofpress

and now i will show you just what i created!!

i started off stamping my imagine  on my matboard which i had placed onto the Stampers Secret Weapon (http://www NULL.sizzix by Sizzix. it allows one to get a cleaner stamped imagine which is what i needed when using my embossing ink and powder by Ranger

crisp imagine with Stampers Secret Weapon ranger embossing ink/powder







once all four sides of my block were stamped and embossed it was time to decide what i wanted to do with them next. the images spoke to me about night skies and fireflies so using my distress ink pads and blending tools i proceeded to try to create that background

IMG_4392 IMG_4393






now it was time for the ‘fireflies’ portion so i flicked some water and dabbed it with a paper towel. perfect!!









and then i become lost.. what ever was i going to do next. i loved how this block was turning out but it just wasn’t what i had in mind as completed…. so on i went, sadly with out too many pictures.

i stared out by stamping the mushroom clump (http://www NULL.100proofpress onto some leftover pieces of mat board. i then coloured them in using the blending tool and proceeded to cut them apart. i wanted to add dimension and this was the perfect solution for that…

now it was time to get serious….and what did i do.. well the logical thing.. i cut out another set of blocks using black mat board which i flicked some silver paint on to to create the starry sky.

i then took my fairies and mounted them on the outside of my black ATB. i also cut out a set of blocks from clear acetates
i then took some industrious stickers and created a border around the top of them to create a shallow box
are you wondering why a box!!! well i of course needed a container to hold some moss and my mushroom
okay so now i was getting somewhere.. it was all coming together..

i just needed to complete the scene. so off i went to my drawers in search of the perfect collection of items to put in my fairy garden….

but alas nothing i had was perfect…. so what did i do, well i whipped out some spray and made the items the colours i wanted

IMG_4529 IMG_4531
here are a couple of close ups…

IMG_4766 garden fairies








and here you have it… my newest ATB featuring 100 Proof Press (http://www NULL.100proofpress stamps

fairy garden

Come on over to the 100 Proof Press (http://www NULL.100proofpress blog and check out other projects from their design team and team ATB

Get some ideas and explore the creativity.
Important Links:
Team ATB Blog (http://theartistsontheblock
The Artists on the Block Facebook Page (https://www NULL.facebook
100 Proof Press Blog (http://www NULL.100proofpress
100 Proof Press Store (http://www NULL.100proofpress
100 Proof Press Facebook Page (https://www NULL.facebook
i have also linked this up to  Craft hoarders anonymous challenge #20 (http://gloriadesignschallenge NULL.blogspot NULL.html)…. hope you took the time to link up as well!!!
Eileen Hull vintage Kitchen

Vintage Kitchen recipes

hello there!! i am here to showcase the Vintage Kitchen line by Eileen Hull. You can check out the entire Vintage Kitchen Sizzix collection HERE (http://www NULL.sizzix as well as see my original post showing my sneak peaks here

Well with this month’s  Art with Heart (http://www NULL.eileenhull NULL.html) challenge theme being Favorite Recipes, and since we are getting so much closer to the release date, we have been asked to show you how these dies can be used.

I started out creating this little vintage oven. i just knew when i started it it had to be teal and it had to be enamelled.  i started out by painting the whole thing then once dry i created the back white portion using Rangers enamel accents. i then proceeded to coat with embossing ink and heat setting UTEE until the whole oven was coated. when working the top of the oven i dropped the ‘elements’ into the hot UTEE. the oven handle was a quick idea using a label pull which i bent over the oven door. to finish off this project i used some left over mat board which i shaped into a mini book and enamelled to make the glass front in the door
Eileen Hull Vintage oven EH Vintage Oven frontEH Vintage oven - mini up close
EH Vintage Oven - inside mini













for my next project i was given the loaf pan die cut. so when is a loaf pan not a loaf pan…. when it is a pincushion!!

i started off by running it through my vagabond using the measuring embossing folder. i then covered the whole thing using distress inks, sanded and then using Archival ink i hit all hit spots to darken. i then coated the whole thing with gel medium because i wanted to be able to handle it for years to come.

Eileen Hull loaf pan embossed Eileen Hull loaf pan inked and sanded EH Loaf pan inked with Archival protecting loaf pan with gel medium

Eileen Hull loaf pan;pincushion

and last but not least here is my take using the canister
for the canister i stared off  cutting out the heart on what was to be the front and back of my canister. i then used various stencils and art anthology velvets and stone effects along with a couple of stamps and sandcastle coloration to complete the outside of my project
Eileen Hull cannister Eileen Hull canister with Art Anthology







absolutely loved  the different dimensions this gave in both texture and sight. i wish you could touch it!

to finish off my canister i added some idea-ology pieces to the lid and bottom to create legs. inside is a battery operated tea light







i hope you enjoyed my little review and had the opportunity to catch Eileen when she was on the paper trail.i also hope you have taken the opportunity this month to not only view all the pieces created by the design team but play along with Art with Heart Challenge!!

you never know when one of these may end up coming to live with you for you to create your very own!



H&H Canvas

hello everyone!

i have been really bad at keeping this site up to date. it’s not because i haven’t been creating but because i HAVE.

here is a 12 x12 canvas  i created this   using Art Anthology and metal embellishments (http://mixedmediaplace along with bits and bobs which you can find all the details out on how i created it here (http://artanthologyinc
IMG_4372thanks for stopping by and i hope you check back again later for some more updates on projects i have been working on..


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