50 in 150

hello everyone!!

i am not sure about you but I struggle sometimes, and a lot lately, with remembering why I do what I do.. not just in my art world but in my world generally… sometimes i seem to forgot that I don’t do any of this, or shouldn’t do any of this, for anyone else but myself… because I love it.. so today and the next 150 days, i am gong to add into my ‘art life’ some personal stuff and keep in mind if you chose to follow along this path….

this is for me…. no one else but me.

I need to commemorate my upcoming 50 and am trying to figure out how I want to do that.. how to express it, the fact that I am so very much aware how blessed I am to even be looking to the magically number.

this will be a whole page dedicated to my rambling in the 150 days…… hope I don’t lose you!!

so ideas to do in the 150 days:

self reiki

paint/art journal/create (basically 50minutes a day in my studio)

run(distant goal of 150km a month maybe??)

meditate (total of 50 minutes a week?)

pick 50 people I know to tell them how much they mean to me…

hand out 150 random bits of love to strangers..

journal every day….

lose 5-10lbs (Edited because of some concern from some very dear friends!!)

oh a picture a day!!

so many ideas.. wonder how many/which ones I can do!!!

it all starts September 8th!


*************day 1 / 150 – fifty****************

studio time, running, working, clean eating and new make up!!


*************day 2 / 150 Рfifty****************

healthy eating/drinking, paint time, preparing for class, RAK given

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