authentique layouts!

so over the long weekend i was working on a calendar for my desk (more on that on a later post)
and i was searching for a specific piece of cardstock and then realized that the papers were all so unorganized so decided to organize them…
well one thing led to another and i came across a package of Authentique paper (http://blog NULL.authentiquepaper that i had picked up some time ago and never even cracked the package.
you see i am bad for that. i buy lots of things, paper, embellishments, art supplies, etc and hoard them!! i don’t want to ‘waste’ them but every once in a while i just do it.
so with all that said you never guess what i did this weekend!!!!

i did some LAYOUTS!!!! crazy!!!!

so with out further ado here are a few layouts that i did, yup me.. all by myself!!! i haven’t made any such thing for over a year!!





i remembered how much i enjoyed just scrapbooking but also remembered how much time it takes me to make just one layout!
i have missed it. i wonder if this is a start on a new/old journey!


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  1. Just love these layouts… the composition is so strong, and the matted layers of patterned papers are really effective. Fantastic! Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment – greatly appreciated!
    Alison x

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