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i can’t believe i have that many in the first couple of days… 25 out of 50 things …. WOW!

(http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.JPG)mind you someone things they will be having a yard sale now .. i don’t do yard sales!!!

here are my first twenty five. these elephants. i love them and technically they belong to my son BUT i just thought they serve no purpose and have zero sentimental value to them so why am i keeping them really.

(http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.JPG)then i went into my aveda stash of stuff.. i love it all but i tend to keep the bottles with the thought of ‘there is one more bit of stuff left’. no more, gone they are. 

then i went on to a whole lot of nothings. pink cheap razors, make up applicators, a lip gloss container that came with a bottle of arbour mist wine,  and foot scrub.. haven’t used these things in YEARS so why do i still have them cluttering up my drawer. i then search the cupboard above the fridge.. HTG these things have been there since we had our kitchen redone in 2007.. a foreman grill, cookbooks, picnic thingies, ice cube trays.a container of tea (now i had a hard time with that one cause i could use the box for something i am sure but the point is to get rid of this stuff isn’t it)
(http://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.JPG)the shelves in the bedroom, long forgotten scent thing and incense and candle holder.. never will i use these things. oh and then lets’ not forget the VHS tapes.. now really who still has a VHS player..come on diana…
(http://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.JPG)
then it was on to the spare room which held the neatest tissue box holder which is and always has been a pain in the butt to get tissues out of… GONE. also found a tin of whethers candies that we have had since Christmas and a ceramic plant holder for herbs.. no herb seed mix came with it so it never got planted (received this in 2006) a book cover that i have been waiting since 1996 to get back, a calendar from 1996. a cast iron trivet thingy for the stove. the last few items are a polo shirt, a phone that i ran over and doesn’t work (why i have this i have no idea), a bracelet, and an old book of runes.

(http://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.JPG)

so that is it for my stash for today. not bad i must say for my first attempt. SuzyQ decided to join in on the fun and she as well threw out 25 thing today so it is a total of 50 gone out of the house (or will be gone soon i should say) Not to shabby!

a productive day!

my day started off with a trip to the basement to check out the whole bee situation. do i have bumble bees or carpenter bees. i am so unsure. Suzanne is PETRIFIED of bees to the point that she develops an anxiety attack and is covered in goosebumps….So this is it. today i called the exterminators. we have had enough. They are coming to visit on Tuesday afternoon and hopefully some of this will be solved before we go on vaca. it is going to cost us lots and lots of money but it is a small price to pay to get ride of the stupid infestation of bugs and bees this year.
 We had a good day though. we have so much gardening and responsible home owners. today i moved a tree we planted  4 years ago. i sure hope it survives the move and we also moved a few hostas and i trimmed even more trees. as much as i get upset at the bugs and the wetness and the unfinished basement i just have to look outside and see all the birds flying and feeding and bathing in the birdbath. life really is good

50 things

i was just on a website (http://www NULL.30minutemartha and got a fabulous idea. i am going to get rid of 50 things in the month of august. what things… and do i even have 50 … well i am sure i do. i wonder where i shall start and do i take a pic of the whole lot (which would mean i would have to find the place to store the 50 things) or do i as i go along take a pic and post as proof… well i am thinking as i go along i will snap and post. 
now committing to doing it in the month of august only allows me really two weeks to do this as i will be on the island for the middle two weeks.

and on another thought isn’t it crazy that the month of July is over! it has been a really rough month for me. do i see and end in site..finally for sure i do. a lot of the reason i am coming through is cause i decided that it doesn’t matter, really it doesn’t. i have a good life and i have to remember that.

anyway that is my moment of the day.

The battle continues…

on whether to fence in the yard, to build a deck, to buy a pool or to buy a hot tub. We just received a quote back on building a measly little deck.. well the deck he quoted the price on was 12X10.. we wanted a 12X26 built.. his price for the small deck.. oh only something like SEVENTY FIVE HUNDRED!!! i so wanted to ask him if he was on crack. and the dude who is preparing a quote to fence in our property wants something like $6800 just for his labour!!! Definitely on Crack!!!! well they are father and son after all. i think that there time definitely is worth something don’t get me wrong but it would take me months to make enough just for labour for his weeks worth of work.  i think i am going to tackle building a deck for a hot tub. i know i can do it and if i need assistance surely my brother can come over and give me a hand.. i will pay him!!!


My Dilemna

well i think our dilemna is finally over. we have been trying to decide on whether to get a pool or not. well getting a pool is a must.. we really want one and i blame it all on one particular person!!

anyway here, right in the city and with nosey neighbours as well as hellians in the neighbourhood we don’t dare not get a permit and in order to get a permit for a pool we have to have a 5 plus foot fence and we only have a four foot!!!

so then we thought okay we will just get a deck but in order to get the deck we have to have someone build it and that won’t happen for weeks and the before we know it summer will be over.

and we do have two weeks book at chez mom’s in souris which is always a nice treat

so what have we decided? as of this moment we have decided we are going to do our own privacy fence but not til after our run in October and before ski season starts!!

am i disappointed that we aren’t going to have a pool for this season… yup most definitely but i am a big girl and i can handle it.. besides we have always wanted a privacy fence and i kind of am excited that we are doing it ourselves.

unless of course any of you out there know someone who can build a cute deck cheap!!!