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Canvas Corporation challenge

What a fun time I have had with the Room Spacing kit that i received from Canvas Corp (http://blog NULL.canvascorpcrafts

We originally entered the challenge where we were to receive the kit to do a ‘scrap room’ but with their heavy schedule they have been under and with all the travel well EVERYONE wants their attention. So our challenge has been delayed. So instead they sent each of us a different kit to ‘play’ with in the meantime.

My kit was the outdoor room… how perfect for me.

i have been trying to figure out whether to get a pool and where to put it but then i wanted a deck more than a pool.. i had been fighting this back and forth.. This ‘plan a room’ allowed me to see i didn’t have room in my backyard for a pool, a deck and maintain my existing flower beds.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out and see what Randi (http://6dukes NULL.blogspot NULL.html) did with hers!!

til next time ….


SAME – frames for family

Well yesterday was Father’s Day and last month was Mother’s Day.

I didn’t make it down to visit for Mother’s day but thought i had better get my butt down and visit for Father’s Day.

These are the frames i gave Dad & Barb.

Barb seemed to like hers… Dad on the other hand has a mind like mine, or mine is like his i suspect. I made the comment that i found it hard to make a ‘male’ frame so his wasn’t as ‘detailed’ as Barbs. All i had really that i could think of was sprockets. But then again i could have used stamps and such as well i suppose looking back but oh well i didn’t.

Anyway he came up with all kinds of ideas.. one being making an oval frame and attaching a chainsaw chain(?) to it. I am going to start planning.. perfect idea for a Christmas gift.. maybe a clock .. hmm now i am thinking!!!

it was good to visit. i do miss them.

til next time…


National Scrapbook Day

APOS! hosted a wonderful day. The building was full of talent I only wish i had taken some time to wander around a bit more to see all the work of everyone.
Here are a couple of things i created. My ATC’s are for a swap over at Art for the creative mind..subject.. sew easy!!

and i love love love this piece i made inspired by Tim Holtz himself

i also worked on a She but didn’t get it finished but will post as soon as i do!

i have so much more happening in my world. For instance, i am preparing our next challenge from Ezee Pzee which will be revealed the first Sunday of June, i am preparing for the upcoming Tim inspired Tags class and the most sought after mixed media class over at A PILE OF SCRAP! (http://apileofscrap NULL.1forum and i am working on my Grunge Tags and challenges for the inspiration team girls

so til next time…


Art for the Creative Mind

so i have joined this forum a while ago in order to expand my artist side and have ended up doing things that i have never attempted before; for instance did you see last week when i made the dress!! it was part of a swap.

So the next thing i have attempted which i have never done before are ATC’s!! and girl did i have fun.

the only guideline we were given is ‘Easter Bonnet”. well i thought i was all set and then i read the forum and all of a sudden i was scared to death!! my interpretation was totally off to what was suggested!! i posted that i would have to start over and one very sweet kind forum friend said no!! don’t change a thing because it is suppose to be yours!

so these are the two that i did. i was able to use gesso and glimmermist and glimmerglam and my favorite new thing which i haven’t had time to explore my melt pot with beeswax. It is going to be very hard to part with my first ever ATC but i do know that they are going to a good home!

next swap is clay beads… HELP!!!

so til next time…


Marie Antoinette Dress

I have started on a new group recently and today just finished my first piece for a swap. The category was Marie Antoinette Dress. That is all we are given. We were to let our imaginations go. Well as you can see this is something totally out of the norm for me. Here is my first and then final attempt. I just had to put grunge on it!!

I happen to like them both. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by. My next swap is ATC’s.. Easter Bonnet. should be interesting! I so can’t wait!

til next time