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summer tote

today i am here to show you a tote bag i made using a plain canvas tote and some Art Anthology products:
it started with this tote bag:

plain tote

here is the back and the front
 of tote

back of tote

head on over to Art Anthology (http://artanthologyinc to see how i did it and what i used!


Spring time in Paris – Artist Trading Block

Hello everyone!!!! i am so excited to share with you my submission to the blog hop we, the Artist Trading Block team and the Altered Pages team  are having this month using the collage sheets from Altered Pages (http://alteredpages-artsociates NULL.blogspot!!

and so now on to  my piece. We were given a choice of collage sheets to play with and the one  i decided to showcase was the Paris collage sheet. so let’s get to it!

first i had cut out from my black matboard (http://www NULL.sizzix one of Eileen Hull’s XL Block (http://www NULL.sizzix die along with one each of the other (http://www NULL.sizzix three sizes, which i set aside to play with later. i then dug out my melt craft iron (http://shop NULL.purplecows and wax. i wanted to be able to merge my collage pictures right into the mat board and add a warmth to the whole piece.

my first step was to drip some black and white encaustic wax onto the matboard and spread it out with the iron.

eiffel tower in wax

i then laid my paper onto the mat board and dripped clear wax on top and then heat set until completely sealed.

heating wax with iron

i loved the sheen of the wax on the paperswax sheen

i then attached some May Arts (http://www NULL.mayarts ribbon onto the  edges of the four sides of my cube and attached using the clear wax. (you will see this in my final photo’s)

now it was time to take on the inside of my Artist Trading Block.

so to start i glued my tiniest cube (1 1/2 squared) to the  2 1/2 cube using TomBow glue. i then added some of the same May Arts ribbon used on the outside to the inside flaps of the  2 1/2 square pieces and then dripped a bit of white wax which i set by using my Heat it (http://rangerink by Ranger.heat it meets wax

i love how it spread out through the details in the ribbon!

cloudy sky blue

i repeated it on the largest cube as well! isn’t the inside dreamy!!dark night meets summer day

i had wanted to find a small Eiffel Tower to put in the center but was unable to locate one.. i then thought of putting a little bucket to symbolize a bucket list item….but couldn’t find one of those either. so the next best thing of course is words. i chose ‘dreams do come true’ and placed then inside the smallest of the boxes but as you can see it didn’t show up that well.. so my wheels were turning…dark centre

but of course!! use Ranger’s metal foil tape sheets (http://rangerink ranger foil lights it all up

what a big difference it made! now it can be read clearlydreams do come true

now it was time to add some finishing touches to my ATB.

so to start i dug out a couple of hitch fasteners (http://timholtz  and a piece of  jute string (http://timholtz and created a closure for the box.

and then it was time to create a stand to showcase my ATB!!

so out came my cupcake stand (http://www NULL.sizzix which i created by cutting out of a piece of cardboard. i then glued the whole thing together using glossy accents. now seeing as this is a cupcake stand it need to be treated with some yummy goodness.. so out came my Viridian Sorbet (http://artanthologyinc NULL.html) by Art Anthology and my pallet knife. i covered the whole stand in a thick coating and allowed it to dry. LOVE the sparkle and shine of my stand

cupcake stand using AA Sorbet

if you are still with me here is my ATB for this month in all its glory!

IMG_1558 IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1564 IMG_1566

well there you have it. i will be gifting this to a dear person who had dreamed most of her life of making it to Paris (said of course with a french accent) someday…. and she did along with two of her dearest friends. i hope that she fills the inside with special pictures of the special trip.

so ‘dreams do come true’

You can find even more Artist Trading Block Inspiration over at Altered Pages (http://alteredpages-artsociates NULL.blogspot NULL.html) and of course at Team ATB’s (http://theartistsontheblock site as part of our month long “Block Hop” with Altered Pages (http://alteredpages-artsociates NULL.blogspot!

Team ATB and Altered Pages May Block Hop | @ArtTheBlock #TheATB #ArtistTradingBlocks (http://theartistsontheblock NULL.jpg NULL.jpg)

Also be sure and stop by the Art with Heart Challenge (http://wp for more  Inspiration!  Link up one of your creations for a chance to win a Sizzix prize pack!


Spring Rings

hello everyone!! i have a new posting up over at Art Anthology feauturing their ubber yummy Velvets

i created for the first time this year out on the deck and it was so wonderful!
here is what i created and to see it in progress do check it out over at Art Anthology (http://artanthologyinc
i know you want to see more so please do jump on over and check it out!!!!

Neptune’s sky

IMG_0015why is it called that.. i am not sure. i am guessing there is a greater meaning behind why it needs to be called that but i haven’t figured it out yet!! LOL

so with that said i have had this piece of art sitting on my easel for quite a few weeks… like probably since February early March. i kept thinking it needed a little bit more but if to this day i still don’t want to add more than apparently it doesn’t need it right!!!

i had originally been working on doing this from start to finish on a video but had somehow deleted the first part of it so have decided to show just clips of the original video.

okay enough words and time for posting.

Here is the start of my journey of loving Art Anthology (http://www NULL.artanthologyinc Coloration sprays. they are a perfect mix of bright and light and dark and deep for me and i can use them along with my other favourite art makers!!! it is a win win for me i’d say and for you because it means that i will be posting more!!!!

i hope you enjoyed

i’ll be back tomorrow with a posting for Snazzy (http://snazzysdesignteamblog NULL.blogspot