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art journal – i am an artist

so last evening i was on the time sucking facebook when i came across a piece in an art journal of the lovely ms. dyan’s. (http://dyan-reaveley NULL.blogspot it stated ‘i am an artist’. i made a comment of how i hope someday i am brave enough to make one of these pages and ms. dyan said ‘Diana, go and write it in big letters in one of your journals NOW. Don’t make me come slap you !!! lol.” and i did.. i ran and made this:

so tonight as i ventured into the craft room after supper that is what greeted me. now mind you i am suppose to be in there packing up for a class i am teaching tomorrow but what is a girl to do huh!!
so i turned my art journal into this

i couldn’t resist turning the centers of the a’s into eyes!!! LOL

til next time…


catching up

okay so today’s post is a mishmash of a lot of stuff that has been going on.

while on vacation i did manage to do a few pages but the doodling, alas, is not done yet. so they will be coming soon. this is the only one that i think is finished.. well as finished as an art journal pages gets anyway cause you know one can always doodle more!!
i had started the background some time ago using texture paste and color wash. i wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and then it came to me. we were flying into florida on the full moon…and what a more perfect stamp then the suitcase tramp (i of course am referring to the travelling travis by Dylusions (http://shop NULL.afth NULL.asp) )

next is a few snaps of some of the wonderful projects we did during the Leica Forrest (http://www NULL.10-4livingoutloud NULL.typepad held at APOS! on the 18th of April. i really challenged myself to stay clean on the layouts in class. but i know i am not going to let them be one of those ‘projects one takes during a class of a famous person to only lay them aside in a pile by the freezer’ … sounds funny but i know this to be true as i heard that from someone once (wink!! wink!!). so i am showing them before as they are now and once i have put my own touches to them i will post the after!

the layouts:

we then moved on to glimmermist and chalk

and then on to my favorite project of the day the canvas.

as i said, none of these are quite finished but i love where they are at and where they are going to!

next i have been working on my tags for a swap. i of course used a little bit of tim (http://timholtz and a little bit of Dyan ( http://www NULL.dyan-reaveley NULL.blogspot on my tag. this months challenge was masking.

i also just wrapped up my ATC’s for another swap and our challenge this month was to use favorite quotes.

there now all i have left to do really is my tag for the StudioL3 challenge… and it needs to be done by Thursday night!!!

til next time…


art journal – dreams

well like most people out there, i have dreams

sometimes dreams come true and sometimes we get disappointed… i don’t deal well with disappointment which is why it is rare for me to show true excitement… cause i don’t like the crash

it has taken me almost two weeks of figuring out; knowing, planning, waiting… figuring out how to put into a journal page my disappointed heart.

and then i did the page, found a perfect quote from one of my dylusions stamp sets and it somehow made it a little better.. less disappointing.

so i have picked myself up and told myself once again that i am who i am and that is okay…and it is okay to dream. though sometimes i wish for more but really who doesn’t honestly wish for that deep down inside….

til next time…



art journal – the journey

i had made what i thought was a wonderful page for the class i was teaching this month at APOS!

i thought i would duplicate it into my weekly journal page.

but alas as much as i tried, i just couldn’t make it look like i wanted it to but then again it was a total different size and using different mediums and well you get the picture.

so like any other piece of art it takes on it’s own life and i am totally happy with how it turned out!

til next time…



art journal – out my back door

i have such fond memories of small almost forgotten events that make me smile each time i think of them and art journalling is the perfect way to record these moments.

one of those moments was when my baby sister use to sing bits of songs and we, her older siblings, totally encouraged her to do so and not cause we wanted to laugh at her but because she was so darn cute doing it!!

one of those songs was a Creedance Clearwater Revival (http://www song out my back door.

i have no pictures of her singing this song and so this is how i will always be reminded of her and her cuteness in years to come.
i am totally loving my Dylusions stamps (http://dyan-reaveley NULL.blogspot and can’t wait til i have the rest of the collection including stencils and sprays!!!

til next time…