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art journal – bench’s

everyone who knows me knows my love for tim . i have had love for tim for a very long time and remember when i ‘stalked’ him in Saint John during the fall of 2010.. that is when my mad love for mario started.

mario calls me bench’s. isn’t that the sweetest name nickname.

he always takes the time to  reply to me, is the kindest sweetest soul  who has the biggest friendliest smile ever! he is beautiful inside and out

so this journal page is my expression of the excitement when i think of my ‘bff’ mario!

til next time…


art journal – the moon

it’s hard to believe we are into another week but that means another art journal page!

i started following along with Liz  (http://blogerisms NULL.blogspot a while back and as well i have been jumping back and forth between watching Julie (http://balzerdesigns NULL.typepad of Balzer Designs,  Donna (http://donnadowney NULL.typepad recently Nathalie (http://nathaliesstudio and am influenced by Dina (http://dinastamps NULL.typepad and of course Dyan Reaveley (http://www NULL.dyan-reaveley NULL.blogspot and so many more talented ladies that i have no idea how i find any time to create because i am so busy surfing!

i love each one of these talented ladies and how they create their art.

i hope to some day ‘make it’ too.

in the meantime i will keep creating and finding my own little space in the world and accept it for what it is and me for who i am. i hope to always remember that while i am reaching for the moon, regardless of what situation i am in or ‘want’ that i am living amongst the stars.
til next time…


Art journal – my heart

this weeks prompt was about a relationship and this challenge that was given us was to use no paint.

we were to use scraps and were allowed ink. i used tissue paper gifted to me from my secret pal and scraps of paper both of which were glued onto a discarded cover from my watercolour pad of paper. i love how this one turned out

til next time…


art journal – sketching me

this was a hard challenge for me. using a clear item and a sketch. the clear item wasn’t too bad but the whole sketching…. scared me to death!!!

this is my attempt at sketching me. like me it is isn’t perfect but like every other journal page i have done i have given, left and taken something from the experience

there are a lot of symbols and layers and thoughts and emotions i have placed in this one page. another great experience, page bearing my soul for me to see

til next time…


art journal class

yesterday i spent 3 hours with some wonderful woman and we all got just a little dirty. okay some got a lot dirty but oh so much fun

this months journal class was all about using Rangers color wash.
by far this has to be one of my favorite ever Ranger (http://www NULL.rangerink NULL.htm) products.
first we experimented with color wash directly on to paper for our cover page. we then free cut out a word for our front page, painted that, and then doodled a bit. we agreed that we would finish the doodling portion at home cause well let’s admit it, doodling can draw one in for hours and hours.

next we moved on to stencils and water to do the ghosting affect. i love that how all were given the same instruction and like every other class i have taught, all turned out different! i guess it totally depends on the stencil chosen, the amount of water and drying time, etc.

our final page was using color wash on gesso. i love how it depends on the thickness of the gesso and the coverage you have given to your page how the depth of colour changes. i loved how this page turned out in class as well.. each one different as you can see in the picture peaks

next month’s class i am thinking is going to be all about distress stains… my second most favorite product!

til next time…