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journalling fun

so these past weeks i have been of course following all the BTS from Mario and sneak peaks form various leaders in the industry and am loving what i have seen

i am also spending time working on art journal pages for my upcoming class. i have had so many influences in the last little while i don’t even know where to start.  i am in love with Dyan and Donna and Balzer Designs and Christy and Dina and …. oh my so many many more out there that i can’t even pretend i could list you all

i have spent a lot of time watching their videos or reading their sites and doing some figuring and some wondering and i so know it totally influences what i produce

i will never pretend that everything i put out there is a missusg ‘original’ as i believe in this day and age those moments are few and far between. we are all influenced by one degree or another from other artists or even from previous art we have ourselves created.

i love playing with so many different products though my favorite totally has to be color wash. i am loving the colours and have my fingers crossed that there will be more!!

i am just starting to appreciate the distress stains and use them on most projects as well and loving all the different archival inks that i have started to accumulate. so here are two of the pages that i have created lately…



thank you to all who share their wonderful creativity with us all.

i hope someday someone sees something of mine and uses that as their inspiration… it totally would be an honour.



til next time…


first for 2012

i jumped right in

first thing this morning.

i had said all along

that starting in 2012

i wanted to spend a minimum

of 15 minutes


art journalling

12 x 12 layouts

#8 tags

baby tags

art parts


anything i wanted to do

in 15 minutes

just me


in the moment.

here is what a created today

totally based off one of my all time

favorite can’t wait to met

and take class from

ms. dyan reaveley (http://dyan-reaveley NULL.blogspot

and using the lovely

claudine hellmuth (http://www NULL.collageartist stamps

and of course loads and loads


Ranger (http://www NULL.rangerink products including

color wash, distress stains, gesso etc


til next time…