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color burst canvas

hello everyone!!

words can not describe just how much fun the new color burst colors and liquid metals are!!!!

i had started a project for a floral challenge that Ken put out there for his design team but as soon as those new colours arrived in my mail slot…well let’s just say one of my treasured wooden canvas’ came out and i started playing!

this is a second in a 3 part series that i am creating for my ‘quiet’ room. you can see the first one here.

so i started out using the newest colours on a wooden 12×12 wooden panelcolor burst

i did  a bit of sprinkling

color burst sprinklesi added a bit (or a lot of water depending)  then heat blast it to set it heat blast to setthis is my first ever drip of liquid metals….Ken Oliver Liquid metalholy moly i fell in love… seriously how stunning is this one little section

the galaxy of metal

then i just kept adding, ,heating, dripping until i was happy with the background

layering of color burst

i then wanted to add the lotus flower to my piece but didn’t have a stencil large enough so out came a mask and my cutting knife and i created my own!!

tim holtz mask blanksso i cut it out and then placed it on my background and using my blending tool and some black gesso created the centre piece of my project

lotus flower stencil

i absolutely love my first ever homemade stencil and will for sure be using it again and again!!

and here is my final piece after it has had one coat of Ice Resin.

Ken Oliver floral

totally and completely in love with it!!!! let me know what you think!!


Eileen Hull Art with Heart – leather paper&transfer sheets

hello everyone! I am back to show you another piece I created for this months Design Team Challenge from Eileen Hull (http://www NULL.eileenhull

eileen Hull stitchlit flowers (http://www NULL.eileenhull

we are showcasing Sizzix Paper Leather Sheets (http://www NULL.sizzix and Inksheets which come in White (http://www NULL.sizzix, (http://www NULL.sizzix Red, (http://www NULL.sizzix  Silver, (http://www NULL.sizzix Gold (http://www NULL.sizzix and Green (http://www NULL.sizzix . To use the Inksheets you need an Inksheets Transfer Pad (http://www NULL.sizzix There is also a starter kit available HERE (http://www NULL.sizzix  leather and inkso for my project i wanted to create a piece that would be hanging in my new studio!!

so i started out by cutting my letters out of the leather paper and then placed them on the transfer pad


i then laid a sheet of the ink sheets in gold and a thinlit die on top and ran it through my vagabond ( I remembered this time to use the right platform!)
IMG_6462 absolutely LOVE how these turned out!! pretty stinkin’ cool i’d sayIMG_6464

next i repeated the same process but this time onto a grey leather paper sheet and using a mixture of flowers from Eileen’s collections and various colours of ink sheets. these little flower have so many possibilities of use from creating a 3d flower garden to a subtle background design don’t you think!IMG_6467 did these not turn out to be the coolest!! looks like a flower garden to me!IMG_6469

then it was just a matter of colouring the sheet so i used various shades of blue/green in the distress ink pad line. i also used the leather sheets to cut out this beauty of a butterflyIMG_6477

i coloured everything using my distress inks and blending tool

i sewed all three layers of leather paper together and then attached some of tim’s wooden alphabets and then used one of his new display hangers and to give it a finishing touch I cut out and embossed/foiled Eileen doily die from some paper  leathereileen Hull doilyand here you have my finished sign!

Eileen Hull Flower

my sign will hang in my studio and i simply can not wait to show all those who come visit!! opening day is coming soon!!!


Soul Protection canvas

hello everyone!

i am here today to share with you a canvas i created using the Ken Oliver (http://www NULL.kensworldinprogress Color Burst brights (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst) and earth tones (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst) and some Pegz (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html)!!

close up soul protectionso this process was a lengthy one but only because i would start one idea and then get prompted to try something else and then something else until i arrived at a completed canvas. so here it goes

first i started by putting some clear gesso on my canvas and followed that with a mixture of the warm color burst colours followed by some of the cool ones

colorburst canvas 4steps

next i had added some crackle paste which had dried up but i figured i could just add some water and spread it out over my canvas…it didn’t work so i scraped it all off and love the effect below.. then it was time to decide what i wanted this canvas to say so i add a bit of paint to it and then stayed the down downey stamp using water so i could see the placement prior to actually stamping itcolorburst canvas steps5to8but in doing this i decided that it might be cool to leave just that flower colours the same and paint the rest of the canvas and that is when i realized i needed to add more color burst to the floral area.adding a stamp

but i decided that i needed to ensure the floral area stay true to colour so i use some clear embossing ink and stamped onto my canvas and quickly covered it with some Emerald Creek clear embossing powder (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.htm). then it was time to  blocked out the rest of the canvas using deco art in yesteryea (http://decoart some paintnow because i really wanted my flowers to be a focal point i then covered the flowers, stems and leaves using liquid glass (http://decoart art liquid glass

then i kind of went a little crazy with stamping and embossing a border and some butterflies using either a clear or black embossing powder.

Ken Oliver Stamps

i also added some click it ink to various places around my canvas

KO ink padsone all that was on my canvas i decided i needed to add a bit more character to the background so it was a matter of sprinkle color burst into water in various colours ad quickly heat setting and then adding more colour. at this point below i was like.. diana what have you done!!!color burst overload….but then it turned into a magical piece for me

soul protection

now how cool is that background and doesn’t it just scream mystical whimsical protection to you!! it sure did to me!!

soul protection close

i love the way my flower turned out!color burst flowerthanks for stopping by today! i hope you have been following the Ken Oliver (https://www NULL.facebook page on Facebook as well as on Ken’s web page Ken’s World in Progress   (http://www NULL.kensworldinprogress see what the rest of the design team and Ken himself has been creating!!


be true to you

hello everyone!!  today I am here to share with you my take on the unvalentine theme for Emerald Creek Dares (http://blog NULL.emeraldcreek

i started out with the intention of doing a piece with a photo of my son and i…. but quickly changed my mind as I started working through my project as you will see

so these are the main products I used other than the inks and paints and sprays… I love the Sizzix paper leather sheets !!


i ran a piece of leather sheet through the vagabond using one of the texture fades to which i had applied distress paint directly to prior to placing the sheet in the folder. i then sprayed with stainIMG_5386i then cut the sheet out to fit onto a cardboard heart. before the paint dried i sprinkled a generous amount of copper leaves embossing powder to the heart


here is the sheet after i heat set the embossing powder.. isn’t burnt copper amazing!!


now i am not sure what i am going to do with the heart yet so i moved on to the canvas. i applied a nice layer of clear texture past through a stencil and then sprinkled some burnt copper and set it aside to dry.

IMG_5390once it was almost dry i decided to heat set it…. you can see the video on my instagram feed!!

now back to the heart

i decided to add a layer of ice clear rocky candy to the entire heart to give it the ‘aged’ look

IMG_5401how cool is this!!.

you can see some of the red along the edge of my heart. I had originally painted my heart red along the outside before deciding to add some of the leather sheets and paint and well embossing powder.

IMG_5403now i went to heat set some of the distress crackle and look what happened.. loved the effects!! a happy accident i’d say

IMG_5406i then found the perfect quote for my project.. i love me some Shakespeare! i also cut and added one of tim’s arrows to each end of my heart which you will see better in the final photo

IMG_5420as my surface was quite textured i wanted to find a way to ensure my words stayed on my heart.. Ice Resin to the rescue.. love the shine/protection it will give my piece for years to come

IMG_5454i then wanted to add wings to my heart..because really what is a heart that doesn’t fly !! so i cut out a butterfly from the leather sheets and I painted  and then applied a light layer of ice resin to them. I am sorry I don’t have the photo’s for that but basically the same as the first step of my heart.

and now here is my project.

close up of heart close up of left wing close up of right wing

and the completed picture!be true to you

now it’s your turn to enter the challenge over at Emerald Creek (http://blog NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.html) and check out what the rest of the amazing Design team have created.
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You could win a $25 gift certificate to the Emerald Creek Store (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek – so why not go check it out.
(http://www NULL.emeraldcreek


happy holidays

hello everyone!! can you believe that it is almost Christmas!! this year has flown by. it’s been a year with so many things happening .. both good and bad.

today I am here to share with you a fun little project I created for the Emerald Creek Dares  (http://blog NULL.emeraldcreek! this month was all about wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice and a very Joyous Seasons Greetings to you all!

for tradition wise here in my home it is all about the food!! whether that is the array of choices at a family gathering, the scrumptious finger foods on Christmas eve or the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings and oh so many dessert choices on Christmas Day

this week we are all about sharing our holiday wishes with you!!!

ECC Blog Header


so my project well it started out by mistake really.. i was playing with a bit of Ice Resin (http://www NULL.simonsaysstamp NULL.aspx?id=79427) when i realized i had made too much and as i am not one to waste anything iECC Blog Header decided i would coat a piece of tissue paper (http://www NULL.simonsaysstamp NULL.aspx?id=304741) i had on my desk in some of the resin. i also was in the middle of creating my tags for classes and happened to have a cut out of the sewing room die on my desk and some Vintage Glitter so naturally that lead me to making an Ice Resin dress and that is where it all began!

Ice Resin and glitter


so once my dress form was covered i began assembling my canvas. first i spread a coat of gel medium to the back of the paper and then i applied it to the burlap canvas making sure to press it down to adhereice resin gel medium

as i wasn’t sure yet what i was going to do with my canvas, which direction i wanted to take it in i applied some clear texture paste through a stencil to my canvas and set it aside to dry (i had sprinkled some of the vintage distress glitter onto the wet paste prior to setting it aside)

transparent texture pastenow i did know that i wanted my dress form to be the focal point so i needed to create a background for her.

i started with one of the cabinet cards which i sanded and then applied some ground expresso to.. once again i wasn’t quite sure where i was going with this but did know it had to have ground expresso!!

cabinet / ground expresso

then it was a matter of layering. originally i was attempting to just put a piece of paper into the frame but ended up deciding it needed to be layered on top of the frame and with a few runs through the sewing machine this is what i ended up with

IMG_4155so now i knew i had the background i needed/wanted for my dress form but what to do with the rest of the canvas…..

i had cut out some angel wings from my ice resin paper and i liked how they looked with a bit off added glitter from the stickles but they didn’t stand out enough. i didn’t have the newest wing die that i had seen created in so many ways over on Paula’s site (http://www NULL.oneluckyday NULL.html) but what i did have is the feather duo die so thought why can’t feathers be i was trying to decide whether to go with the brown or whitish ones… also i was thinking i needed these snowflakes on my canvas… i still wasn’t quite sure at this point what i wanted…

angel in progress

well it wasn’t long and i was on a roll which means i totally forgot to take pictures of the whole process but basically i started cutting and creating flowers!!! i attached them and the leaves/holly using a hot glue gun. if you look really close you will see that i put in some of Emerald Creeks pinecones (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.htm).. these little things should be in everyone shopping cart by now. seriously how cute really are they!!

EC close up canvasso then it was just a matter of putting it all together and in the end this is what i ended up with
EC canvasand a couple of close ups!

EC canvas conesfeather duothanks for visiting me today. please be sure to visit my fellow design team members:

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don’t forget to play along for your chance to win some goodies from Emerald Creek. 12038432_947319428638236_565102729181993996_n

Stop by Emerald Creek Craft Supplies (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.asp) to see their whole line of embossing powders and charms they manufacture.  Plus all the other cool stuff
you need for your holiday crafts.
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from my home to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!