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December Reveals at APOS!

(http://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg) (http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)This months challenge to the Inspiration Team over at A PILE OF SCRAP! (http://apileofscrap NULL.1forum NULL.htm) was to create a canvas. i was given a piece of riff raff, some chalkboard glimmermist and some beautiful purple smoochspritz.. Here is what i create. it was a lot of fun. i love how it ended with the whole 3D look.It is hard to see it in the picture but the way the canvas was painted originally (not by me) was with an non latex paint so therefore the sprays took a long time to dry. this happened to be a good thing cause then it allowed me to tilt the frame and let the chalk and spray to run across the canvas.. kind of gave the lower part of the canvas the ‘blowing in the wind’ kind of look.

(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

the second canvas i made was  my Marathon canvas. it is a tribute of sorts to doing my first full marathon this fall. it was done with placing layers. i first started with some pages from the dictionary with words such as marathon, run, walk, achievement… as well as some pages out of the paper from PEI which listed all the marathoners registered for the run. i modge podged everything down and then i covered it with tissue paper from my sneaker box. once it was all dried i used a bit of the glimmer mist to give it a bit of life and sparkle. then it was the placing of pictures and trinkets and of course my medal.  a bit of distress ink along the edges and then i was completed!

so if you get a minute hop on over to the girls blogs or over to APOS! (http://apileofscrap NULL.1forum NULL.htm) and check out the inspiration teams work for this month. i guarantee you won’t be dissappointed!!!


April Fools Day

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Wow, i can’t believe it is already the first of April. so far this year has gone by quite fast. lots and lots going on and in the same breath nothing.

one of my favorite things that i have ‘scrapbooked’ lately is this canvas. it is done with nothing but distress inks and glimmermist. i absolutely love it and can’t wait to finish the mini’s to go with it. it truly is a symbol of so many things but mostly of what i believe life to be.. a truly endless journey with pot holes (the globs of glimmermist) and the never ending road of funny sad travels…

as for health, same old same old… i was off for a back xray on Monday so hopefully i will get the results back from that and my doctor will move on to the next step. and speaking of my doctor, he told me two things last week when i was in.. one, i needed to have that surgery and two he is retiring!!!!! i will have to make decisions on what i am going to do about both these things.

this weekend was suppose to be spent skiing, unfortunately mother nature is not co-operating with us. so instead we are trying to decide which kind of vehicle we want to buy. Anyone that knows us, well especially Suzanne, knows we normally can’t wait for the snow to be gone and gardening season comes. Today, our little Suzy was searching the internet looking for the closest ski resort that was still open. Too funny.

Well tomorrow is Easter and i am off work. i am hoping that i have a chance to work on some new things. APOS had their designer reveals today and Cori-lyn, whose work to me is amazing, posted a wonderful little album with acrylic which i want to try. Mind you the other design girls, as always, knock my socks off too. If you would like to take a look at some amazing mini albums check out this website….. … and take a boo at the gallery…
well that is it for now. hopefully i will be more consistent in updating you all on wonderful me!!!