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A new day

well today i joined ghf.. we shall see if it is going to help me get what i need… a huge kick in the butt to start losing weight. why is it so hard?? it is so easy to put it on.. it isn’t fair!!!

anyway i spent an hour on the treadmill today and i enjoyed it.. well except the first 15 minutes that is. we shall see what the rest of the week gets me. i am off work tomorrow and the gym closes at 3:00pm. Wonder what excuse i can come up with for not going!!!


well we woke to a beautiful morning.. oh how i wished i had it off to take pictures with my new camera…but no it was time to go back to work. the temperature dropped drastically and the wind picked up so it is quite yucky out now.
i was saying on the way home how it would be nice if someone dug out the end of the drive before we got home and viola, as we turned the corner someone had!!!!


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well it was a wonderful start to a new week. Our local scrappy store had a huge 40% off sale today and even though I had a wonderfully spoiled Christmas I just couldn’t help going today.
oh but then it was OMG the total is what??? Oh but I saved $65.. well, you can’t beat that can ya!!

look at ALL my wonderful goodies. I will post a layout or two in the next little while with the wonderful things i have created

Snow, snow and more snow

Today I am making my first post in my first and yes probably only blog.
Welcome and I look forward to keeping you up to date on my moments

Well, I have just finished cleaning out the driveway yet again. I am not complaining though as it has been a wonderful beautiful day and all is well in my world