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Eileen Hull Flower Party Release

hello everyone!!

Welcome back to week three of the Flower Party Die  (http://www NULL.sizzix with Eileen Hull!! this month the Eileen Hull Design Team are showcasing projects using Eileen Hull’s (http://www NULL.eileenhull new flower die release.

(https://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

Here are all the new releases:

  • Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 3PK – Flower, Rolled (http://shrsl
  • Sizzix Bigz Die – Flower, Heart & Soul (http://shrsl
  • Sizzix Bigz Die – Flower, Pansy (http://shrsl
  • Sizzix Bigz Die – Flower, Romance (http://shrsl
  • Sizzix Bigz Die – Leaves, Spring (http://shrsl
  • Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die – Flower Pocket (http://shrsl

i started my project by sprinkling color burst on all, yes all the new release flowers that i had received from Eileen….yes all of them!!

EH new release i then activated it with waterIMG_3796i did some in cool colours and some in warmIMG_3798

and one in every colour!IMG_3799

now here is what these ones looked like as they lay drying….i wasn’t really sure what i was going to do nextIMG_3800and that is where i somehow stopped taking pictures  and go lost in the process but i can tell you my next step was to let the color burst completely dry and then i worked but my next steps were basically shaping my flowers on to stems i created using the new twist and style tool (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html).. once that was done I noticed that to me there were missing a little something so I unshaped them and applied a nice layer of Decoart crackle glaze (http://decoart to each of them and then once they were almost dry I reshaped them again!

and here is what i ended up with!

EH floral eh orchid in the centre of all my flowers I sprinkled a bit of Clear Rock Candy Distress Glitter (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html)for a little pop of glitterEileen Hull blue flower  Eileen Hull multiflower for my flower pocket (http://www NULL.sizzix painted / layered it with different decoart media paints (http://decoart and then once dry coated it with the crackle glaze  and then added some corners to it.flower caseat the end I decided I wanted them to be a little stiffer so applied a generous layer of DecoArt gloss varnish (http://decoart the entire project

and so here  it is all together!  I wanted to give my piece the look of an antiqued ceramic collection which is why I gave it all a nice coat of the crackle.  the pictures don’t do them justice…eileen hull flowersI hope I have given you some ideas on what to create using Eileen’s newest release!! for more ideas drop on over to Eileen Hull – Three Dimensional Art (http://www NULL.eileenhull and see what the rest of her Inspiration Team has come up with!!


Coaster bursting with colour

hello everyone!!

I am excited to share with you my latest project for Ken Oliver’s Design Team!

this week I have created another coaster! I am hoping eventually to have enough created that I have one on every surface that could contain a coffee cup, water glass, tea cup,….. wine glass!

so i started creating on a piece of watercolour paper (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=ken+oliver). i started by applying Iron Oxide (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html) onto the paper, heat setting it as it dripped and rolled.color burst i continued to repeat the same process using different liquid metals

color burst metal effectsand then i got lost in the whole process and forgot to take pictures!!!

the basic steps were the application of the liquid metals. i then cut out the butterflies from the Ken Oliver Studio collection (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=ken+oliver+paper) attached them to the coaster, added some chit chat stickers and then covered the whole thing using ice resin

here is my finished coaster

coaster closeup color burst coasterlove the effect of those metal effects protected by ice resin. this coaster will be out on my table for years to come.. i can just tell!!


Color Burst banner

hello everyone!

i am here to share with you a very quick and easy banner to create for any occasion!i have made mine to hang in my new room downstairs …  if it ever gets finished!!!

so to begin my project i decided to use the ATC cards as i absolutely love the weight of them when creating with color burst (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst)!  i painted on the colour that corresponds to the chakras. i then cut out 7 circles from the ATC cards

creating banner

as i had already printed out the 7 chakra symbols i wanted to be sure that they would stick to the circles i used Stick it (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=stick+it). i just pressed the symbol onto the sheet and cut out and then pressed into the centre of my circles. it was so easy and no glue stuck to my fingers!! loved it!!

I then traced around each after they were stuck with a black udi pen

chakra banner with stick it

i then used my liquid metals (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst)and applying using a paint brush to the cardboard. once dry i sewed the edges as well as strung them together

and here you have it.. i plan on using this as a sign to ‘do not disturb’ when i am downstairs meditating!!

Colorburst Chakra

would love to hear your thoughts.. leave me a comment and let me know what you have been creating lately with your color burst!


it’s a blog hop!!

hello everyone!!
today i am here with some exciting news!! we are having a blog hop!!!!

Ken Oliver / IO blog hopThe hop will run for 2 days (3/4/16 – 3/5/16) with a list of participants on the Ken Oliver Crafts (http://Ken Oliver Crafts)and Impression Obsession Blogs (http://Impression Obsession Blog Hop) each day at 8am EST. Visit the fabulous designers from both team’s blogs (only one comment per blog please) for a… chance to win!
so i was given this beautiful mermaid (http://www NULL.iostamps NULL.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=J17090&Store_Code=IOSTAMPS&search=mermaid&searchoffset=&filter_cat=&PowerSearch_Begin_Only=&sort=&range_low=&range_high=), the be a mermaid (http://www NULL.iostamps NULL.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=F17058&Store_Code=IOSTAMPS&search=mermaid&searchoffset=&filter_cat=&PowerSearch_Begin_Only=&sort=&range_low=&range_high=) quote and  the set, designed by the ever so lovely and talented Yvonne Blair along with this bubble (http://www NULL.iostamps NULL.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=A5384&Store_Code=IOSTAMPS&search=bubbles&searchoffset=&filter_cat=&PowerSearch_Begin_Only=&sort=&range_low=&range_high=)stamp!

so i started out with stamping in my art journal a whole bunch of bubbles, which i decided were really pearls floating around in a mermaid haven..  i then sprinkled some color burst in Indigo (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst), Ultramarine Blue (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst), Pthalo Green (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html)and Lemon Yellow (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html)  onto my page and spritzed with water

sprinkles of color burst

i loved the flow of the color on my page. watery background

next i added depth of yellow directly onto my mermaid portion..i wanted her to be glowing in the depth of the ocean (unrealistic but hey it is a mermaid we are talking about right!!!)

yellow mermaidthen using my water brush i removed some colour and then added in some colour to colour all my ‘gems’ along the side of my page. i also restamped the mermaid on another piece of paper a couple of times so i could individually colour her fin

beautiful fin

and the second time her hair

colouring my mermaidthen it was just a matter of layering and adding my quote and here you have my finished page!

mermaid artjournalso who is on the hopping trail today!!! here they are. please be sure to visit each and leave a comment

March 4th

Jeanne Streiff (http://inkypaws NULL.blogs NULL.splitcoaststampers

diana hetherington (http://www NULL.missusgmoments (that’s me!)

Anna Wight (http://sweetmissdaisy NULL.typepad NULL.html)

Kimberly Jones (http://serendipityvintagestudio NULL.blogspot

Vicki Garrett (http://summerthymestudio NULL.blogspot

Jessica Frost-Ballas (http://www NULL.allthesparkle

Karen Amidon (http://paperliliesandink NULL.blogspot NULL.html)

Tracy Pounds (http://www NULL.misstracycreates!Impression-Obsession-meets-Colorburst-Blog-Hop/c1a1n/56d67b570cf2bc6add155aaf)

Laura Fulcher (http://stampart NULL.blogspot

Niki Warner Davis (http://sunshinerunnermom

Saturday – March 5th

Yvonne Blair  (http://www NULL.yvonneblair NULL.html)
Dina Kowal (http://mamadinis NULL.blogspot NULL.html)

Giovana Smith
(http://giovana-believe NULL.blogspot NULL.html)
Jenny Gropp (http://onekraftykat NULL.blogspot NULL.html)
Laurel Lukaszewski Beard
Kittie Caracciolo (http://kittiekraft NULL.typepad

Zoey Emanuela Scarpelli
(http://www NULL.scrapsaurus
Danella Dobson (http://danieladobson NULL.blogspot NULL.html)
Krista Cheryl Riley  (http://www NULL.imaginethatscrapbooks

remember i said there will be prizes!! well here is what they are… on each day there will be one prize of one set of color burst from Ken Oliver Crafts AND a $25 Gift Certificate from Impression Obsession!! total value of $60 for each day!!! YAHOO!!

Remember the more blogs you visit … the better chance you will have to win!!!

good luck and enjoy all the wonderful projects over the next two days! i know i shall.




Soul Protection canvas

hello everyone!

i am here today to share with you a canvas i created using the Ken Oliver (http://www NULL.kensworldinprogress Color Burst brights (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst) and earth tones (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html?w=color+burst) and some Pegz (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html)!!

close up soul protectionso this process was a lengthy one but only because i would start one idea and then get prompted to try something else and then something else until i arrived at a completed canvas. so here it goes

first i started by putting some clear gesso on my canvas and followed that with a mixture of the warm color burst colours followed by some of the cool ones

colorburst canvas 4steps

next i had added some crackle paste which had dried up but i figured i could just add some water and spread it out over my canvas…it didn’t work so i scraped it all off and love the effect below.. then it was time to decide what i wanted this canvas to say so i add a bit of paint to it and then stayed the down downey stamp using water so i could see the placement prior to actually stamping itcolorburst canvas steps5to8but in doing this i decided that it might be cool to leave just that flower colours the same and paint the rest of the canvas and that is when i realized i needed to add more color burst to the floral area.adding a stamp

but i decided that i needed to ensure the floral area stay true to colour so i use some clear embossing ink and stamped onto my canvas and quickly covered it with some Emerald Creek clear embossing powder (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.htm). then it was time to  blocked out the rest of the canvas using deco art in yesteryea (http://decoart some paintnow because i really wanted my flowers to be a focal point i then covered the flowers, stems and leaves using liquid glass (http://decoart art liquid glass

then i kind of went a little crazy with stamping and embossing a border and some butterflies using either a clear or black embossing powder.

Ken Oliver Stamps

i also added some click it ink to various places around my canvas

KO ink padsone all that was on my canvas i decided i needed to add a bit more character to the background so it was a matter of sprinkle color burst into water in various colours ad quickly heat setting and then adding more colour. at this point below i was like.. diana what have you done!!!color burst overload….but then it turned into a magical piece for me

soul protection

now how cool is that background and doesn’t it just scream mystical whimsical protection to you!! it sure did to me!!

soul protection close

i love the way my flower turned out!color burst flowerthanks for stopping by today! i hope you have been following the Ken Oliver (https://www NULL.facebook page on Facebook as well as on Ken’s web page Ken’s World in Progress   (http://www NULL.kensworldinprogress see what the rest of the design team and Ken himself has been creating!!