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turning 50

hello everyone

i am here today to share with you one of what i am sure to be many pieces i am sure to be creating from the beautiful photo’s from my wonderful ‘turning 50’ trip. it was a trip that i had imagined but never thought it would be possible.. seeing the sunset on my last night being in my 40’s and the sunrise on my first day of my 50’s in one of the most beautiful awe inspiring no words can describe place on earth.

for this my first project,  i started out by layering tissue paper and other bits onto a framed panel (https://www NULL.simonsaysstamp using matte medium. i then used many different things from paint, to sprays, clear texture paste, crackle and vintage mediums. i coloured using my distress crayons, archival inks and some more paint until i was happy with the background.

i added some remnant rubs in both black and gold both on the background, the frame and the card to give it some added depth. the ’50’ is from a birthday card i received and were so perfect from me that i wanted to be able to keep them in a piece. so i embossed and debossed and inked and stained and rubbed and sanded until i got it to the place i wanted it to be.the wings represent the love of life both in the here and now as well as for those gone before me. i am a very blessed soul who does love life and never take for granted every breath i take. the three little pearls are there to represent those ladies in my life who went before me and who if it wasn’t for them i wouldn’t be who i am… my mom, my nanny and my aunt ruby.

i truly hope you all have a wonderfully blessed and happy week!


Cherished Layouts

hello everyone!! i am here today to show you a couple of layouts i created using Ken Oliver’s Studio  (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html)paper collection

WAIT A MINUTE!!!! did i say layouts

why yes, yes i did.

before i dove headfirst into the mixed media world i, like so many others, were scrapbookers. i loved documenting moments in my life with layouts and as i have had a couple of those moments lately that i wanted to remember i thought to myself why not!

so they are very simple layouts but with such perfect paper!

KO scrapbook layout moments

i used a mix of texture paste and inks to create the colour for the “moments’ from an Art Anthology stencil. the family is a sizzix die and the stamping is using Ken’s Pegz! KO scrapbook momentsthe papers were all cut out using Eileen Hull’s die by Sizzix and then i stitched around the layout and the pictures.

i pretty much did the same thing for the next layout except this time i used circles from a Sizzix die
capture close up

shivering songs layout

it was so nice to just play with paper and not get my hands covered…but then again i did manage to get some ink on my hands whilst i was edging all my pieces with Lamp Black click it ink pads (http://www NULL.scrapbook NULL.html)!!

i hope you have taken the time to play over the last little while…whether that be with some mixed media such as color burst or with some old fashion where most of us started paper!!


she is missed…

hello there.. i am here today to show you a layout / shadowbox i did using Art Anthology Sorbets and colorations along with a few pieces of Tim’s paper stash  wallflower (http://www NULL.inspirationemporium NULL.HTML) thrown in there. i think the robin was made for me !!!!

there is a short video (less than 5 minutes) for you to take a boo at over on the Art Anthology YouTube page ( you can find the link here (http://wp to show you how long it takes me to do a layout!! (HOURS!!)

i am linking this posting up to

Simon Says Stamp (http://www NULL.simonsaysstampblog Monday challenge this week, using white in any way. i used a black and WHITE picture as well as whitespace, yes for me that is white space!.

there are a lot of symbols in this piece for me. i created it based off my thoughts/feelings/emotions when i happened to snap this picture of my son cleaning off one of my mom’s grave markers during a recent trip up to visit her and my Nanny.

i learned of my mom’s passing on a really late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. i truly believe she comes back to let me know all is okay through a robin. there are three feathers to symbolize that she is with her Dad and her brother Blaine…they truly were birds of a feather. there are 4 eggs to symbolize us, her children, the 11 and 18 are the birth numbers of both her and my son. there are 6 and 49 letters as the last thing i remember being told what she was doing was going to get a paper and pen to write down the logo 6/49 numbers after returning home from playing bingo with my Nanny, her mom.

IMG_2247 IMG_2250 IMG_2251 IMG_2255

IMG_2260 (http://artanthologyinc NULL.jpg)

this by far is one of my most treasured layouts. in the tag tucked in behind at the top is a little message.  thanks for stopping by today and don’t forget that it is the little things that make a big difference. write on those layouts/projects….even if you have bad penmanship. the journalling is probably more important than anything else to those who will treasure your art.


authentique layouts!

so over the long weekend i was working on a calendar for my desk (more on that on a later post)
and i was searching for a specific piece of cardstock and then realized that the papers were all so unorganized so decided to organize them…
well one thing led to another and i came across a package of Authentique paper (http://blog NULL.authentiquepaper that i had picked up some time ago and never even cracked the package.
you see i am bad for that. i buy lots of things, paper, embellishments, art supplies, etc and hoard them!! i don’t want to ‘waste’ them but every once in a while i just do it.
so with all that said you never guess what i did this weekend!!!!

i did some LAYOUTS!!!! crazy!!!!

so with out further ado here are a few layouts that i did, yup me.. all by myself!!! i haven’t made any such thing for over a year!!





i remembered how much i enjoyed just scrapbooking but also remembered how much time it takes me to make just one layout!
i have missed it. i wonder if this is a start on a new/old journey!


i am scrapping again… well for now

so it seems it has been a while but the scrapbooking bug has hit me.. well just for a bit anyway as the art journal bug is bigger and bites harder… but then again that altered art bug, well it has a mighty big bite too and there is a project that is begging to be done!!! time is almost right!

i spent a lot of time organizing lately and realized holy macaroni i have a lot of stuff…. A LOT .. and i so need to use it up before adding more to it… remember my word this year is less.. less buying more using

so for today i am going to share with you a couple of layouts i did over the weekend. the first one features 4 of my besties during an outing this summer. i thought of them all a lot this weekend and created this layout.  i had been visiting the a pile of sketches (http://apileofsketches NULL.blogspot NULL.html) site and loved the sketch that Vicki had posted and the layouts that followed by some very creative and talented women

as i was searching, organizing, cleaning yesterday i happened upon some pictures that i had taken and printed from summer of 2010. i had taken ohh prolly about three hundred pics that day and have only scrapped a few.

i also have been fully engrossed in the whole Creative Jump Start (http://nathaliesstudio videos that Nat has been hosting. i have gleamed something from each. yesterday Anna Björklund (http://mymessyspot NULL.blogspot us a layout she created using textile paste. this was my attempt at using it

and my final layout of the day was a page about me. i have some changes happening in my world and wanted to remind my self to breathe.. just breathe

til next time…