frozen chariot of love

hello everyone!! today i am here to show you a little something i created for the Artist on the Block. i am suppose to be in the middle of packing up the rooms and preparing to sell but i just couldn’t not finish this cute little treasure box.

i started out using some old packaging, a texture fade and the my ATB die. i ran it through the vagabond and started to assemble.
i loved how it turned out!!

i decided i wanted the edges to look like i soldered them but didn’t want to use the melt pot  because was unsure of well plastic in hot powder, so instead out came a sheet of metal from vintaj and started placing it around the outside edges..


i later took this off and used Tim’s industrious stickers which i hot glued to the edges.

so as much as i loved how this was turning out i just knew it needed a little bit of colour so what to do…..

well out came some recycled plastic packaging and my alcohol inks (which i am not sure of what colours as they are packed…) i played a bit trying to decide just what i wanted to create..what did i want to have that pop of colour. and what did  i find but a piece of square plastic i saved from yet another package of goodies. once dripped onto this piece i used my can of air and spread the inks around until i was satisfied on how they turned out.









then this is where i lost myself. i so wish i would have remembered to stop and take pictures but once again i got caught up in the whole process and didn’t stop til the end.

i did however remember to stop to take a picture of the stand i was going to place my chariot on

it is one of the largest fragment pieces which i drilled a hole into each corner and place these fantastic wheels into








so here are some close ups of my wonderful chariot of love.

another picture which i of course forgot to take was once again i used mirrored sheets and placed one on the inside bottom and one on the outside top. i wanted the alcohol inked piece to reflect both inside and outside of my chariot



i love the reflection from the bottom side of the cover.


i even used alcohol inks to colour my frozen charlotte doll!! and a piece of tinsel for her crown!



one’s chariot needs to match right!!!!!yumminess
IMG_2624i love the view from above and how tim’s little hinges are perfect to allow me to open and view her


thanks for stopping by today. i hope you have enjoyed this month’s project!!!


if you have any questions please do shoot me an email!

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  2. This is so cool! That box is a great idea for small gifts too! You could use decorative tissue paper inside!!

  3. Wow Diana, you really have taken the ATBs to a whole new level with this gorgeous creation – in fact I love it so much I now want to make one myself! Fabulous work! Anne x

  4. This is FAB-U-Lous!! Pinning!! I love everything about this chariot of love!

  5. wow Diana what an amazing ATB !!! so creative once again ^.^

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