color burst canvas

hello everyone!!

words can not describe just how much fun the new color burst colors and liquid metals are!!!!

i had started a project for a floral challenge that Ken put out there for his design team but as soon as those new colours arrived in my mail slot…well let’s just say one of my treasured wooden canvas’ came out and i started playing!

this is a second in a 3 part series that i am creating for my ‘quiet’ room. you can see the first one here.

so i started out using the newest colours on a wooden 12×12 wooden panelcolor burst

i did  a bit of sprinkling

color burst sprinklesi added a bit (or a lot of water depending)  then heat blast it to set it heat blast to setthis is my first ever drip of liquid metals….Ken Oliver Liquid metalholy moly i fell in love… seriously how stunning is this one little section

the galaxy of metal

then i just kept adding, ,heating, dripping until i was happy with the background

layering of color burst

i then wanted to add the lotus flower to my piece but didn’t have a stencil large enough so out came a mask and my cutting knife and i created my own!!

tim holtz mask blanksso i cut it out and then placed it on my background and using my blending tool and some black gesso created the centre piece of my project

lotus flower stencil

i absolutely love my first ever homemade stencil and will for sure be using it again and again!!

and here is my final piece after it has had one coat of Ice Resin.

Ken Oliver floral

totally and completely in love with it!!!! let me know what you think!!


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  1. They are so wonderful, and really add extra omf!!! LOVE your background…so gorgeous!

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