Color Burst – OM

hello everyone!!

how did you all make out keeping up with all the CHA activities this past weekend!! my favourite part i would have to say is all the periscopes going on!! it felt like i was right there!!

but that is not why i am here today! today i am here to show you my latest creation for Ken Oliver’s (http://www NULL.kensworldinprogress team using color burst!!

first i start out by apply lots of water and various colours to my gesso board. i then kept adding and sprinkling being sure to use the Ken Oliver’s (http://www NULL.scrapbook; spritzing and colouring and these art snapshots of my backgrounds

om collageand this is what i ended up with

om background

i absolutely love love love this back ground.  then it was time to decide whether i wanted to leave it as it finished.. or do i want to add a bit more of my heart to it….

the heart won.

i decided that i wanted to add another piece of art to my ‘heart’ . i started out by drawing a circle onto the centre and then in the centre of that  i drew out the ‘om’ symbol.

om collage twoonce it was all painted with gesso i then went in with some black paint and covered the whole thing again. now it was almost done…it just needed  a little something more. i wanted to be sure that it would be a piece that would last a long time and not have to worry about water affecting it so out came my Ice Resin and i applied a nice generous coat

color burst ice resin

now i love the finished piece but it sure made it hard to photograph the finished piece!om

sorry for such  long post but i hope you enjoyed the process and i really hope you have taken some time lately to create!