Eileen Hull – Halloween Basket

hello everyone!!

today I am here to show you a quick and fun way to share treats with others.. whether it is for those trick or treaters that come to your door or to sit as a surprise on someones desk at work…

so I started out gathering all the supplies I figured I might need and die cut my basket four times.. twice from mat board and twice from paper

I then painted the edges of my matboard pieces with black paint and applied glue and the precut paper

here are the inside/outside pieces all papered!

then it was jut a matter of assembling. be sure to use a strong adhesive in case your basket gets overstuffed with goodies!

here is a quick look inside

and adding a few finishes touches .. recognize the bat!  i had die cut it from last weeks project 

i trimmed with ribbon around the outside of my basket along with ribbon on the handles and then it was time to add some treats!!

thanks for stopping by and i hope you have been creating!

until next time my friends,






One thought on “Eileen Hull – Halloween Basket”

  1. YUMMY and CUTE!!! How fun, and I can only imagine the smiles on faces for those who get one!

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