Emerald Creek Dares – 80’s style!!

hello everyone!

today marks my first posting as a design team member for Emerald Creek.. and this months theme was the ’80’s!!!

now I must admit I struggled with this one.. how will I craft the ’80’s!!  to me they were all about music, lace, jewellery and big hair!!!! but for others they were all about pacman, rubics cubes and all the bright neonish colours!!

so… I kind of sort of created both..

for my first project it was made oh so easy when i opened my package from Emerald Creek and saw these little dragonflies (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.ca/product-p/hs-br0038 NULL.htm) brads and these Cabochom (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.ca/Round-Cabochon-Charm-p/ch-round-cabochon NULL.htm) charms!!  remember i said jewellery was a big thing for me for the 80’s and well jewellery was big then too so i created a beautiful ying-yang pendant.


for the charm on the right i used difference alcohol inks to the base and the outside in order to give it the richer colour which would allow it to be the complete opposite of the clear one.  i then filled each charm individually with Ranger’s Ice Resin (http://rangerink NULL.com/?product=ice-resin) and set them aside to cure.  once they were cured i placed them inside the heart and then filled the entire thing with more ice resin… check out the clear coat and shine!!! love this pendant


for my second project… as i said a challenge!!! so something completely opposite of the necklace i dove into some colour!!

out came my Ranger distress stain spray (http://rangerink NULL.com/?product=tim-holtz-distress-spray-stains) and some watercolour paper

Distress Stain Sprays

love the bright colours !!!! perfect for this project i believe.

i then stamped randomly on all pieces using the Emerald Creek Crazy Daisy (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.ca/product-p/s0262r NULL.htm) stamp and Ranger archival ink (http://rangerink NULL.com/?product=archival™-0-pads-2)

Emerald Creek Daisy

then it was just a matter of cutting up my pieces

Emerald Creek Distress bits and then it was time to attach them to something and what other than a 3D block (http://www NULL.sizzix NULL.com/product/658983/sizzix-scoreboards-xl-die-block-cube-bank-3-d) by Eileen Hull


and then there you have it.. a mixed media style rubics cube !!! EC-rubic-3

i love how this turned out…. it is a rubics cube but not really a rubics cube… lovely mixed media piece me thinks!!!

now it is time to go and visit the rest of the wonderful creations from the Emerald Creek team (http://blog NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.ca) and see what they came up with for this theme…..

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so are  you ready to share with us your creation and take a stab at winning.. I dare you!!!!

12038432_947319428638236_565102729181993996_n (http://www NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.ca/)pop on over to Emerald Creek (http://blog NULL.emeraldcreek NULL.ca) and drop your link!!


3 thoughts on “Emerald Creek Dares – 80’s style!!”

  1. Two truly amazing creations. I absolutely adore that necklace and that dragonfly really looks as if it was trapped in amber! Stunning!

  2. WOW… what a great way to go with this challenge. I would never have thought of the Rubic’s Cube! Great idea making your own background and stamping. It’s so vibrant. I am going to add Ice Resin to my list! You rocked this first DT project.

  3. Like oh my gosh! Like the 80’s are like my like favorite!!! LOVE your Rubic’s Cube ATB…I was and still am a big Rubic’s Cube lover!!! I collected them in different designs forever. I had like over 30. That’s a lot for a girl with not a lot of money. LOVE your yin and yang pendant too…(Nothing wrong with my yang…lol!!!)…the dragonflies are wonderful here.
    I used to have the biggest 80’s hair…my bangs were like 5 inches high…a can of Aqua Net a week baby!!!

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