Oh how proud am I

(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/S-M0d1wx_zI/AAAAAAAAAEM/Thx5y8EL6b4/s1600/pics+to+scrap NULL.jpg)it may seem silly to some but i know for most of you you will totally understand my next statement.
I COULD JUST SQUISH MY SON TO PIECES!!! and pop his little head right off!!
did he do anything truly spectacular. other than be himself.. no he did not. Recently he had the opportunity to be a part of the Navy arriving home HMCS Fredericton to be exact! i love the fact the understands and appreciates the emotions that all there were and have gone through. he has a huge heart and i so love him for it.

Island Bound!!!!!

Well, i am off to the island this weekend. although i enjoy going and visiting this time i am leaving behind all my scrappy goodies.
the only bright side, hopefully i will be able to have lots of opportunities to take lots of pics!!!!

and then i can scrap when i get home!!

Shhh… don’t tell

(http://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/S8nFzJ_8bpI/AAAAAAAAAEE/KGw2LGfpHTM/s1600/april+scrapbuild NULL.jpg)

this is a pic of the layout i was telling you about the other day. i love the new paper i picked up from APOS. it was perfect for this layout. i love how it turned out!


i think finally my pain streak has ended again. i so wish i knew what causes it. i have eliminated and reintroduced and been poked and prodded and examined and xray’d and no one seems to know what it is. so for now and the next 6 weeks or so i am off of course gluten and have added potato, dairy, turkey and peanut to the list.. oh and soy too!!
as for my scrappy world i am going to do an old pic for my mother in law of her dad’s father and siblings i believe it is going to be. i will, i think, use this photo for my scrapping page this month. i will sneak a post of it on here as soon as i have finished it.
as for the rest of my world, it is doing okay. work has sucked recently .. sometimes i feel as though i am in a kindergarten class. i am to old for playing silly cowboy games. maybe i just need a mental health day. perhaps money for a spa day is in order. i will have to start saving.

only 28 days left

it is hard to believe that there are less than 30 days left until the half marathon. it is going to be a challenge for me as it doesn’t seem like i have been doing much training. yes i walk a lot but for over 3 hours!!! not in a while. My dealer, from APOS, is joining me on this journey. She says it is a just to complete event so hopefully she will enjoy it as much as i have enjoyed each one of mine. Anyway, i am registered and today is a 2hour 20minute walk for me.

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