Ten on Tuesday – blogs/sites i follow

Wow this is a hard one for me. i don’t follow any one in particular for scrappy stuff so instead i decide, only cause i didn’t want to let this challenge pass me by, that i would list my 10 top accessed sites from home:

1. APOS… but of course
2. weather network .. yup i am a weather watcher
3. tim holtz .. like HELLO!! have you met me
4. flicker
5. ali edwards
6. bhg
7. fred fm
8. gluten free girl
9. basic grey
10. you tube

just catching up

it seems like forever since i have had time to update my blog. i am going to start making a conscious decision to do this more often.. i am hoping at least once a week!!! so it seem i haven’t met goal to get rid of 50 things in the month of August. i tried and as a household we have managed to get rid of almost 75 and there is one more day left!!!!

(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/THxLX5kkuvI/AAAAAAAAAHs/AJhNpsOAsZg/s1600/IMG_4938 NULL.JPG)

so what really brings me here tonight. well ladies and gents i have an exciting update.. I AM MOVING MY SCRAP ROOM out of the dining room!! i am so very excited. i simply can’t wait. so i just finished taking a before photo from the four corners and here they are.

so here in this first photo is a picture from the doorway. it is starting to become a place to throw things into that we are not sure of what to do. in this photo is a chair i got from a friend on the APOS forum. it is a chair from her Nanny’s place and i absolutely love it!! i can’t wait to start rearranging my living room so i can rock in it by the fireplace. it is going to be a piece of furniture i will always cherish. also in this photo hidden behind this chair is my first box of 25 items to get rid of and the elephants are on the sofa bed.

(http://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/THxMqDxw0II/AAAAAAAAAH0/bKCz9nTpxQM/s1600/IMG_4939 NULL.JPG)

in the second photo you will see my second favorite thing next to scrapbooking as a hobby.. drinking wine. my bottles are in her preparing to be refilled soon. i so can’t wait. and behind them is a book shelf full of magazines and photos and such … i need to do something with that.. just haven’t decided what yet. and the fuzzy hat hanging on the door, well that belongs to suzy. it was a ‘prize’ from our first frex together. i will have to find a pic of her wearing it.

(http://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/THxQUlfrijI/AAAAAAAAAIM/QvgNaqaGYk4/s1600/IMG_4940 NULL.JPG)

in this the third photo you will see a tv which suzy has promised she will get rid of for me and a picture hanging on the wall which i have had in my posession for many many years. i have a really cool idea for it just have to me a few calls to see if it can be done or not.

  (http://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/THxPC5B-_iI/AAAAAAAAAIE/tPDsidncDbU/s1600/IMG_4941 NULL.JPG)

and here in the final pic is the angle facing the hall way. don’tcha just love the popcorn ceiling .. NOT.. but that is okay. i don’t mind it so much.
  i have thought about painting the room but i don’t think i will bother. i am not convinced it is going to be a permanent move so for now i will leave it as is.

i hope over the next little while i can slowly move stuff in.. okay prolly by the weekend!!!  i can’t wait!!!

so stay tuned for some more exciting updates in missusgmoments in the near future. i am hoping that i can post tomorrow that i have completed my 50 in August challenge..

Ten on Tuesday – wish list

oh this is a good challenge from scrappinmama over at APOS http://apileofscrap.1forum.biz/forum.htm (http://apileofscrap NULL.1forum NULL.biz/forum NULL.htm) . 10 things i wish i could buy but just won’t or can’t spend the money on. For the most part my list is going to be totally frivolous . so here they are in no particular order

  • one of everything Tim
  • diamond earrings
  • an in ground pool
  • i have always wanted on of those beautiful pendants with the mother/child on it. i love them
  • a new fancy ass lense for my little rebel
  • a new wardrobe.. not all new but well okay most of it
  • a personal trainer that will kick my arse and make me sweat
  • a new car for my monkey… not necessarily a brand new one but one at least with airconditioning
  • a bedroom set that allows the bed to be a couple of feet off the floor.. i love those beds you have to crawl up on
  • a full sunroom built on the back of the house, all windows, 4 season and i would want a hot tub in it

well that would be my list as of right now. i am sure if asked again next week i would want different things. but in all seriousness who doesn’t want world peace, clean air and water as well as no worries

I am missing scrapping & Top Ten Tuesday

(http://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/TGp94FrGhuI/AAAAAAAAAHk/7YYhEuZK3aw/s1600/IMGP7277 NULL.JPG)

It has been a fun last few days. we have spent 6 days in a row getting up, eating breakfast, packing our lunch and heading to the beach by 10 am every day and coming home at 4 to prepare supper.  i have taken so many pictures this last week and a bit but am unable to get them off my camera. and speaking of my camera i haven’t been able to take it to the beach but Suzy has so that is why all my pics of late have been beach scenes.

anyway enough about the beach back to the whole missing scrapping. i have about 700 pics that i have taken that i am guessing will do a layout or two or 10… and most of the pics are taken in B&W.. something totally different for me. I so can’t wait. Today is the first non sunny day but we are going into town to pic up Suzy’s baby siblings, 4 and 2 years old, from the sitter and taking them by ourselves to the fair!!! what does that mean.. more pictures!!!

well i am guessing i will have lots of time in a few weeks to do a bit of scrapping. i guess i can wait….

so the top ten for tuesday this week is 10 places you wish to visit but haven’t yet. here is mine: Newfoundland,  Las Vegas, New York, to see the Tundra and Northern Lights, Les Iles de la Madeleine,  Grand Canyon, Europe(yup, the whole thing and saving this one for retirement), Auschwitz concentration camp, Hollywood, and a cruise to anywhere warm and friendly!!

beach time!!!

(http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/TGXnoA6NDCI/AAAAAAAAAHM/MWpnLaZQXzs/s1600/beach+bunnies NULL.jpg) (http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/TGXoErzDwqI/AAAAAAAAAHU/ol45zRYT3Rk/s1600/IMGP7245+%282%29 NULL.JPG) (http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/TGXoTdAM_0I/AAAAAAAAAHc/VNyfzzn23ow/s1600/IMGP7251 NULL.JPG)

what a simply marvelous day it was. we spent it on the beach with my MIL and suzy’s aunt.. lots of laughs and lots of sun. i simply can’t wait to scrap these pics

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