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Well I did it.. i joined this group. i just finished todays layout.. one of john and i. i find it hard sometimes to scrap old photo’s from back then. it was a rough time in my life. But john was such a wonderful miracle for me. He was born on my mom’s bday. what a gift. i titled it feel.. but i don’t have any words to complete this sentence. so many things i feel for him, for my mom, for that period in my life but for this day, i am not going to go into all of that. i am going to enjoy the feeling i have when i look at this perfect little child sitting on my lap and i am going to look forward to the next month, the day, the next moment, the next second.. to all the nexts’ in my world

another day

Well today is a whole new day. We are off to see Avatar at noon. i hope we make it in this time.
i had my first night sweat last night. oh isn’t menopause grand!!!! not really, it is because of the new treatment the doc has me on to see if putting my ovaries to sleep will take away m (http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/S1G5Nhe8D1I/AAAAAAAAACM/tTi9Ygo4pu4/s1600-h/IMG_0459 NULL.JPG)y chronic pain. so far, i am in month two, it doesn’t seem to be working. 🙁
but i am staying positive, not hopeful, but positive, that something will give this year. and really what do i have to complain about. i have a good life.
i am still contemplating on whether to do the LOAD with Lain, Cori-lyn and Alissa. the only thing stopping me is we are on vacation in the middle of febraury and do i really want to haul all my stuff to the hotel? i will think on it this weekend and make a decision this week.
mentioning scrapbooking oh all the new stuff coming out is fantastic. tim holtz and bobunny so far are a must must MUST have!!! i can’t wait until the LSS has some of their stuff in. oh wait yes i can. i am on a strict budget til i can get some of these bills paid down. i am even limiting my multiple visits to Starbucks!!!!! yup.. really i am so you know how serious this is right!!
that’s it for now. hope you are all having a fantastic day


it’s been a while.. sorry about that.
the new year started out really well.
nice and relaxing which is what i like.
my mojo has kind of left me. like for instance today i am suppose to be creating a page for the scrapbuilders and i really don’t want to. but seeing as it is due tonight i had better get at it.
i have had a lot of pain the last week.. don’t think the latest attempt on ‘figuring it out’ is working. but i have one more month of this way to see. i surely have my fingers crossed. i really don’t want it to be food related cause really why do i have to give up anything else.
and speaking of giving up why does one who watches what they eat, and eats healthy to boot, have to weight so much and one who eats macdonalds doesn’t. it isn’t fair

but then again.. life isn’t fair is it


(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/Sz5V9FpBDII/AAAAAAAAAB0/I6XnkJcaDW4/s1600-h/IMG_0332 NULL.JPG)
Well it is here.. finally twenty ten!!

i ended 2009 and started 2010 working on a desk calendar for myself. it turned out quite nice. i used mostly Tim Holtz products which i happen to LOVE!!

it also ended and started with lots of wine and good food. we made homemade chinese and it was fabulous. though i must say we need to reinvest in some Braggs soy sauce as the stuff we have now doesn’t have much of a kick to it.

i am working on a couple of ‘New Year Resolutions’ though (http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/Sz5V9SlIlGI/AAAAAAAAAB8/1tMxmtwbCtw/s1600-h/2010+jan-jun NULL.bmp)i don’t really believe in them. I am going to one, lose weight. and i know everyone says that but for me i have to as i want to live to see all the firsts i can possible see with my son. and my second thing is i am going to use what scrapping supplies i have on hand and will start that out with doing up some pages that i started long tim (http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/_sw_b8WqAb7o/Sz5V9Sn05CI/AAAAAAAAACE/qU5pW0v7buc/s1600-h/2010+jul-dec NULL.bmp)e ago.

that’s it for now. i will chat at you later! thanks for stopping by

A new day

well today i joined ghf.. we shall see if it is going to help me get what i need… a huge kick in the butt to start losing weight. why is it so hard?? it is so easy to put it on.. it isn’t fair!!!

anyway i spent an hour on the treadmill today and i enjoyed it.. well except the first 15 minutes that is. we shall see what the rest of the week gets me. i am off work tomorrow and the gym closes at 3:00pm. Wonder what excuse i can come up with for not going!!!

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