Recycled spray bottle

hello everyone!!

when i think i spring i think of all the newness about to happen..the renewal of all things that ‘slept’ for the last few seasons…. and that got me to thinking about today’s project for Ken Oliver Crafts

i love when i am able to create a piece that is both recycled and useable… it just gives me great satisfaction.

so let’s get going.. many moons ago when i first took up scrapbooking my teacher at the time told me to keep everything bigger than a pencil…i guess we didn’t realize how much stuff i would end up accumulating through the years by doing so.  i did however stop saving all paper and kept it to just a few manufacturers that i loved.

and that brings me to today’s project. i absolutely love the colour/collection of Ken’s Hometown papers.  so when i created these projects i saved my bits and here is what i did

i started by using an old starch container and applied bits of paper using glue n seal. once it was dry i outlined all the bits with my fude ball pen

recycling with Ken Oliveri then did a bit of random stamping using Ken Olivers Click-it pads and stamps in Walnut

click-it and stampinglove how it all blends together!

next it was time to add a bit of personalization to my project. i cut out some letters and attached them with glue n seal as well and then applied some foils to the top!

and here you have it. my recycled sprayer i will be using in my studio!!

MGM spray bottle

MGMthanks for stopping by today!!


4 thoughts on “Recycled spray bottle”

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this idea….I have been so busy on other projects that I haven’t made anything lately for my craft room, but I am definitely putting this on my project list….LOVE LoVe
    lOvE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. Yay! That’s so cool. And if Ken doesn’t mind, I’m happy for you to use his ink on our team projects too.

  3. Love this idea!! Ken’s Hometown papers are beautiful!

  4. What a great idea! You did a great job on this AND I am going to start looking at my used up sprayers and see if I can do the same. Thanks! I pinned! (https://www NULL.pinterest

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