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hello everyone!!! do you know what today is!!!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! and as well my turn to post over at Art Anthology and i thought what better to create for such a day then a piece featuring my parents

you see pictures are very rare of my mom and even more rare is a photo of the two of them together.  i have this photo, which is a photocopy of a copy of the original.. i think that is right… so it was a one shot deal to do something special with it… so let’s see the process

this is a somewhat heavy picture post as you will see that my background turns out nothing like it started out as!!!

first i started off using a canvas that i have had started some time ago which i had covered with colorations to which i added some texture paste in the corners

IMG_6116i then needed to decide what pieces i wanted to add to the canvas. i want to start using what i have… and i mean that this time..so grabbed some odds and ends and started building components.IMG_6250i then decided that the canvas was too bright  and i wasn’t a fan of the lines i had created a long time ago in the gesso….so thought i would layer a piece of tissue paper over the top to see if that would help

IMG_6251okay… so i wasn’t quite sure at this point but onward i go..i started the whole laying of pieces onto the canvas

mixed media middleokay now we were getting somewhere….but wait a minute …. i didn’t quite like the colour so added some more colorations…

IMG_6257okay.. not sure that was a good idea but i dried it and continued on…

so this wasn’t too bad… i figured i just needed to add a bit of colour to the bar pieces to start everything blending together

IMG_6265so here i added some copper to my picture frames; they represent my siblings and i

IMG_6266and while they were drying i started assembling my canvas using my glue gun

IMG_6268and you will see this is where i decided that indeed i needed to change the background colours.

IMG_6269and i just kept adding and adding colorations as i went along.. sometimes even taking a baby wipe and some gesso to moving  the colour to where i need it to be

IMG_6273almost there!! here is a close up of really wet and after a baby wipe!

before after







and here now  are a couple pictures of my final piece

IMG_6320 IMG_6330


as always, thanks for stopping by and if you want a closer look you can always just click the picture!!