TTT – October 2015

okay.. i have to admit once again i am not / have not been a halloween kind of girl… what does one do with all that stuff….

now don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the candy.. you can’t beat candy corn, halloween kisses, and oh the chocolate.. but the ghosts and goblins and bats and spiders.. challenging for me

then out Tim (http://timholtz came with a few new dies which happened to include a ZOMBIE (http://www NULL.simonsaysstamp NULL.aspx?id=328070)!!  now, still, i am not into zombies but someone in my household is so i thought that is a perfect die to introduce into my collection!!!

and how perfect, tim used it for this months twelve tags (http://timholtz!!!!

so out came my die for the second time and i started creating!!!

here is my creation!

TTT Octobernow i am a hoarder of all things tim and i decided that it is high time i start using up these bits and bobs and collection of goodies i have!!

hope you like my tag and really hope you take part in this months challenge… slowly but surely i will get though this blockage i have for all things halloween!!!

looking forward to being inspired by you all!!


7 thoughts on “TTT – October 2015”

  1. I wasn’t going to buy this die but we do All LOVE “The walking dead” in this house , so i guess it could be used. Love your tag.

  2. OMGosh!!! His eyes crack me up!!! I love him! He’s so whimsical and yet a little spooky. He’s the kind of zombie you just want to sit down and talk to over a cup of coffee! Great and super FUN take!!!

  3. I LOVE your take on Tim’s tag!
    Very imaginative and you really made so much more out of the fag Zombie die! Love his glasses btw. 😉
    A nerdi-ish Zombie. What a brilliant idea! lol

    Claudia x

  4. Love your attention to detail…especially the eyes! What a fabulous tag!

  5. Love your take on the October tag! With those spectacles, he’s a little bit steampunk, I think. Very, very cool and awesome job!!

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