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art journal – wild flowers

i am a huge believer of always being a positive person. yes sometimes i slip or those around may think i am a flake or pushy or ….. well what ever they think is okay.

i want to always see the good, whether it is during a bad rain storm or a bad moment in time. i am grateful for the rain for the flowers it brings and the bad moments because they allow me to appreciate the good moments more

i hope to always remember to dance with wildflowers in my hair

til next time…



art journal – fly away

i can’t believe i haven’t been keeping up with the posting of the journal pages i have been doing

the idea for this prompt, well what i had gotten from it, was to protect your heart. whether that be from it being exposed to others or others feeling they can intrude on you and your heart. i chose ‘fly away’ to symbolize that one can make me all a flutter with love thus allowing them in or the complete opposite with my heart flying away from them

a little deep i am thinking and probably not explained the right way but when i look at my page i know exactly what i mean

thanks for stopping by

til next time…


art journal – one lucky day

do you remember last week i had told you all about Liz Hicks offering a FREE progressive art journal workshop (http://blogerisms NULL.blogspot NULL.html?showComment=1327698282491#c8165077937150023255).

well this is my second week and today’s brings a very special one for me. it was my birthday yesterday and i celebrated it with my mom who came to visit me from above and with my five besties.

it truly was a special birthday for me. i had such a good day and night.

it is nice to have those in my life who i can be me and am totally accepted for just that whether they agree with everything or not … there is no my way or your way in any of our hearts.

so on to my page.

this week i chose to use only distress stains, archival ink, heirloom gold perfect pearls mist and a couple of pens and some lettering.

i free handed the bird as well as the heart and cut them out of old file folders. for the robin i used distress stains to color and for the heart i chose to zentangle it. i got a couple of zentangle books for my birthday. if you haven’t tried them you should. they are truly meditative. i love how they both turned out. the other two hearts are canvas coloured with distress stain

so here it is, my week two journal page

til next time…


art journal

have you heard

Liz Hicks is offering a FREE progressive art journal workshop (http://blogerisms NULL.blogspot NULL.html?showComment=1327698282491#c8165077937150023255)

you so need to check it out. i did. and here is my first page for my first week for hopefully the next 52 weeks!!!

i chose the word moments, i know.. how obvious right, but i love how it turned out.  i am not sure where this page will fit into the whole year but i think it is a perfect start to a bunch of wonderful moments i hope to find during the rest of my year

til next time…


journalling fun

so these past weeks i have been of course following all the BTS from Mario and sneak peaks form various leaders in the industry and am loving what i have seen

i am also spending time working on art journal pages for my upcoming class. i have had so many influences in the last little while i don’t even know where to start.  i am in love with Dyan and Donna and Balzer Designs and Christy and Dina and …. oh my so many many more out there that i can’t even pretend i could list you all

i have spent a lot of time watching their videos or reading their sites and doing some figuring and some wondering and i so know it totally influences what i produce

i will never pretend that everything i put out there is a missusg ‘original’ as i believe in this day and age those moments are few and far between. we are all influenced by one degree or another from other artists or even from previous art we have ourselves created.

i love playing with so many different products though my favorite totally has to be color wash. i am loving the colours and have my fingers crossed that there will be more!!

i am just starting to appreciate the distress stains and use them on most projects as well and loving all the different archival inks that i have started to accumulate. so here are two of the pages that i have created lately…



thank you to all who share their wonderful creativity with us all.

i hope someday someone sees something of mine and uses that as their inspiration… it totally would be an honour.



til next time…