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Mixed Media Monthly challenge #42 – mid month

hello everyone!

i am back today to share with you another project for this months Mixed Media Monthly challenge #42- silhouttes!

if you have been following along you know we are collaborating this month with visible images and holy moly do they have some awesome stamps!!! today i want to share with you a quick page i have created using the stamp set, The Ripple Effect (https://visibleimage along with the thank you card sent from Helen from the Visible Image

so let’s get to it. remember if you are playing along with us at Mixed Media Monthly, (https://l NULL.facebook NULL.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fmixedmediamc NULL.blogspot NULL.html&h=ATObVmeMgVbxhlwEXBhKIKUCi8jDXaiC09GnP5x_LF2a8p0x9MvFA5KXXoBMIto-Ojmx6tcccaSJVHQ1QUzacnCSw3WKlvhrQdMLnh9hx8Smj71cyi-Dw7NC3z5VQzkHiGQN1B7iDmMUXQkWab4eXQ0uzFBMHgY_UyLNaz_k_dXqTQEybRj0HLYFCgcLqtMHt4ANYez9V32L6GLi1kpE1qxf_qw8kQzA1TCZRnt5BZhMHsJPxgW1g9hSzQGWFz61IBXLAngJgyAwc3WGOJ-DfKP9wfngj-0ldbXBL751dRSS1shFFBE) you need to post the following graphic to your posting in order to qualify

No automatic alt text available.

and what is it you are qualifying for you ask? well like i said we are collaborating with Visible Image and they have a grand prize for you if you are the lucky winner!

Image may contain: text

Although these companies have provided me with some product to create this project the opinions I share are solely my own.

so i stared out playing once again with watercolour paper but this time i started with a sheet that i had used for a clean up from another project.

i cut a circle to cover the centre and then i stared adding Color burst in the various colours.

can you see where i used bits of the torn card in the corners.. they were the inspiration for the colours to go where.

so it was just a matter of adding colour, spraying with water and heating until i was happy with the colour.

then it was time to add some stamps. today i am using The Ripple Effect stamp set from Visible images and i used all three in the set.  firstly i stamped in the back ground with water. you can see the ghosting of the stamped image below

and then i stamped with some archival inks both top and bottom

as you can see i also added some chit chat stickers and i used my stabilo pencil to shadow my large circle

and here you have my final piece.

i love how the silhouette of the white circle  contrasts with the colour on the outside……this is a piece i will display for a while in my studio to remind me to ….

be original, be authentic, be fearless and be me bravely.

until next time my friends,


Supplies used:

Visible Image – The Ripple Effect (https://visibleimage

Color Burst – various colours

Chitchat stickers








BE – word of the year

i started to write this up many times in the past; erased bits and pieces and now have decided that this is where i am/was/will be and that is part of my mission for this year.. to pause, to accept and move on, and do just BE


hello everyone

2017 is here and i have decided that i need to be honest with myself and you.. not that i haven’t been but just open it up.. put it out there…

i am struggling… and have been for almost the whole year. i think running is what keeps me sane which is an insane thing to do here this time of year…. (maybe a marathon in 2017??)

sure it seems like according to my social media outlets that things are going well, and really for the most part they are.. but my life seems to be in fast forward motion all the while the things that need to get down are in slow motion. i have been spending a lot of time  trying to figure out what to do next and well honestly not really doing anything. i ‘ve come to the conclusion that i need a bit of help..I need a bit of balance. I need to start creating and living just for me.. I need to rest when I want to.. I need to acknowledge that I am not okay when it appears that I am….I need to stop putting pressure on myself and really just slow down and live

maybe I  have just hit that milestone in my life where hormone levels and brain fogginess seems to have taken over and there is some kind of imbalance going on…. to be honest i feel unbalanced.. not my ever level at my heart diana but instead someone who could cry at the drop of a hat…. (not that I have not always cried at the drop of the hat but this is different)  think the final straw really was when my aunt ruby passed in November… see here i am crying again…..

being off balanced is a serious thing … we all know that….. yet we chose to not acknowledge it even for ourselves most times while going about our every day lives supporting those around us.. helping them  get through what they need to get through

now  I have to say that this is not every single day, every single moment thing for me.. no.. not at all.. just waves that grab me and sometimes don’t want to let go and I sink and struggle to get back out again.

so instead of aiming to do it all and ending up doing nothing because i am too overwhelmed, I am going to work more on me and my balance.

I am going to actually do what I had intentions on doing  last year

I am going to pause, focus and just BE

I hope you all will still follow along this crazy path with me… that you will encourage and support and miss me when I am not here and check in and share……

much love…



die cutting magic!

hello everyone!! I am here to share some wonderfully exciting news!

Eileen Hull and Bella Crafts Publishing have put together a brand new ebook featuring projects from myself and my fellow inspiration team along with many other creative and talented artists!!!

It is jam packed with beautiful photos of 100+ inspirational projects using Sizzix (http://www NULL.sizzix dies! Learn how Eileen’s versatile dies can be used to make 3D home decor pieces, gift wrap, mini-albums, stitching, layouts, 3D flowers, mixed media project, favors, and party accessories- there’s something here for everyone! Special introductory pricing for limited time only. Get your copy now: (we will get you the link)

so some more exciting news….
The magazine is regularly $12.97, but will be $2.97 during the sale, after which it will go up to full price.(after midnight on the 28th of November!)

I invite you to click on the link here on the right or above in the body and it will take you right were you need to be to purchase!!

happy creating everyone and please do share our fantastic news!


Joyful June

hello everyone!!

i am just popping in today quickly to wish you all a very joy filled June!!!

June is about focusing on hope for all good things, those little moments that we should all try to be aware of as being the important ones and the eternal gratitude that our eyes have opened as many days thus far as they have.

Joyfilled June“an attitude of gratitude brings great things” – Yogi Bhajan
have a beautiful loving month my friends…


welcoming May

hello everyone!!

i am just popping in today quickly to say Happy May to you all!!!

May is a month for us to concentrate on and remember to love true…with your whole heart, yourself and others

May calendar
have a beautiful loving month my friends…