TCW – stenciling furniture

hello everyone!

isn’t it hard to believe that August is almost over! where has this month gone.. this month i decided to add a bit of colour to my space

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

so I opened my home studio over a year ago and I just used old kitchen cabinets for storage and old tables with an added pressboard top for my workshops and they were working really well…but everything was darkish.   so I took it upon myself to paint the cabinets and well  since i did have lots of paint left over I figured why not paint the desk tops too!!

but then I couldn’t just leave them white right!! so I decided I would brighten them up just a bit and after choosing the Stained Glass stencils  and deciding i wanted to create a row using the colours of our chakras I began

i applied various colours through each stencil to create variation through out and kept going until i was happy.

i just kept sponging and mixing until i had all seven of the stencils in place

as much as  i love the crisper lines i wanted my image to appear aged so taking a baby wipe i wiped down each ring

now that is what i wanted!!  the table looked incomplete with just the 7 images down the centre so i took out the 6×6 of the same stencil and stencilled the corners as well as TCW261s and using the black licorice paint i bordered my tables. i purposefully didn’t use the entire stencil each time because once again i wanted that aged look

now for the final touch i used a couple of different tapes around the entire table

and here you have it.. my completed table tops

the crown chakra colours to the root chakra colours is what will greet my customers when they come in

and from where i sit and create is the root chakra colours to the crown chakra coloursi hope you have been inspired to use your stencils on pieces around your home. i have not stopped thinking about what i could stencil next!!!

A QUICK TIP:  something i did learn though this whole process is that one should always make sure to take note of where the bottom of your stencil is for those times you wanted to line it back up again to add colour.

Supplies used:

TCW261s (http://store NULL.thecraftersworkshop – art is
TCW462 (http://store NULL.thecraftersworkshop– stained glass
TCW heavy body paints (http://store NULL.thecraftersworkshop – black licorice, lemon custard, orange slice, candy apple red, blueberry pie, grape jelly, raspberry sorbet, blue jellybean, kale smoothy and spun sugar